Monday, March 01, 2010

5th Annual Masquerade Ball

John and I went to a benefit for the UTMB OB/GYN department last weekend. It was a Mardi Gras/Masquerade Ball theme. The proceeds benefited a domicile for low-income women in high risk pregnancies in Galveston. It is an on campus "hotel" where women who are close to delivery can stay in the event that they don't have transportation to the hospital when they go into labor. Most of these mothers lack social support and have medical conditions significant enough through their pregnancy that they require management by the Maternal Fetal Medicine team. Of course, this is near and dear to my heart because as I worked for the Maternal Child HIV clinic, we sent many patients to stay there. I like to think it help prevent some HIV transmission babies. Plus, it was ALOT of fun!
For pictures, click here

Friday, February 19, 2010

Celebrity Look-A-Likes

In keeping with the facebook trend, I wanted to post our celebrity look-a-likes. These celebrities have been independently verified by several friends. What do you think?
John, aka James Van Der Beek of Dawson's CreekErika, aka Mischa Barton from the O.C.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Super Duper Bowl Party

Each year it has been at a different house, but the party continues. Yes, we are talking about the annual Anderson Super Bowl party. This was the third annual event. All of these things seem to occur by accident, and then they end up with a handful of people over at the house. Fun! Fun! Fun!
This was the first year I have not actually watched the game because the girls that attended preferred to talk and play Catch Phrase. All of which were really fun and the evening flew by. By the time the night was over, we had eaten alot of food and John had taken his engine apart with Benji, whom he had just met that instant friendship. Anyway here are some pictures...

The host and hostess...The food... The hit of the night was the spinach/chicken/feta pizza- even John liked it.
The girls...
The cutest one at the party enjoying his cupcake...What was left of the engine...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Hobbies

I can't resist showing everyone John's newest hobby. When we were in Kansas over Christmas, he and dad removed the engine of his 1978 Camaro for him to play with in Texas. Here he is getting it on the engine stand with the crane his wife so graciously allowed him to buy.Dirty, but on the standCleaned up and on the engine standAs you can see it makes him very happy...and he has made quite a bit of progress in the last month.
On another note, I am declaring my new hobby antiquing. Of course, I have no pictures of that, but if anyone visits us soon I would love to take you in Galveston. There are some neat little shops there.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

We brought in 2010 with Kevin, Meghan and Rhonda in North Carolina this year. Kevin and Meghan were our previous small group leaders. They moved to North Carolina for Meghan to do a fellowship at Duke in pediatric ophthalmology (very impressive). Rhonda is another of our church small group members who flew out there with us.
Anyway while were were in North Carolina, we went to a couple museums at Duke, the Duke Chapel, played several games, spent time with the kids, and mostly just caught up on life. It was wonderful and relaxing.
Here are some of the pictures.

Rhonda, Katelin, Meghan, and John

I just loved this picture of Tye

John and me enjoying the outdoors

At the Duke Picasso and Andy Warhol exhibit

John was going through football withdrawal so Chuck E. Cheese filled a void

John's favorite vacation position

The Flemmons

Chuck E Cheese

Duke Chapel

Children's Museum of Natural Science

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Consider this your Christmas Card...

It was John and my first year with a Christmas tree. As with most things in our life, it was exciting for me, but not so much for John. Of course, shortly after we put it up, we went to Kansas for 16 days so we got back just in time to take it down. Still I wanted to share the momentous occasion. Consider this your Christmas card...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Heaven

This year we said goodbye to my Grandma Ensz (1924 to 2009). This poem was in her program and it was very appropriate. This was the last pictures we had of her during her recent hospital stay.

Christmas in Heaven

I see the countless Christmas trees
Around the world below,
With tiny lights like heaven's stars
Reflecting in the snow.

The sight is so spectacular
please wipe away that tear,
for I am spending CHRISTMAS

I hear the many Christmas songs
that people hold so dear,
but the sound of music can't compare
with the CHRISTMAS CHOIR up here.

I have no words to tell you
of the JOY their voices bring,
for it is beyond description

I know how much you miss me,
I see the pain inside your heart
But, I am not so far away,
We really aren't apart.

I can't tell you of the SPLENDOR
or the PEACE here in this place
Can you just imagine CHRISTMAS
WITH OUR SAVIOR face to face?

I'll ask Him to lift your spirit
as I tell him of your love
as you lift your eyes above.

Please let your hearts be joyful
and let your spirit sing
for I am spending CHRISTMAS IN HEAVEN
and I’m walking WITH THE KING.