Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Hobbies

I can't resist showing everyone John's newest hobby. When we were in Kansas over Christmas, he and dad removed the engine of his 1978 Camaro for him to play with in Texas. Here he is getting it on the engine stand with the crane his wife so graciously allowed him to buy.Dirty, but on the standCleaned up and on the engine standAs you can see it makes him very happy...and he has made quite a bit of progress in the last month.
On another note, I am declaring my new hobby antiquing. Of course, I have no pictures of that, but if anyone visits us soon I would love to take you in Galveston. There are some neat little shops there.


Marcia said...

Great pictures! Thanks for the post

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow..that is a giant engine. i mean i don't know how engines look i guess until i saw that one. i think you are VERY gracious for letting him buy that stand! ha. glad he is having so much fun with it!
i would LOVE to go antiquing with you in galveston!!!

grandmabutch said...

I am on my way to galveston. I sure wish I could. Anyway I will see all the progress and interesting stuff when we can come. Love you both