Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mad Scientist

John recently took me to his lab for a romantic weekend of studying sacsin. Yeah! In his lab, he has a his own desk and lab bench. This is a picture of his desk. We took some others but apparently John's lab is a restricted area (which we found out from the security guards) so I didn't think I should post the pictures. While we were there, he made a promising step forward on his study of the interaction of microtubular associated protien 1A (map1a) with sacscin. As I understand it, the interaction is important for Purkinje cell death in the cerebellum which controlled movement and balance. Anyway, all that to say, John's work in the lab is going very well. He seems to really enjoy his mentor, Dr. Barral, and he loves his work there. Tonight, John and I are going to a 4th of July party with some of the other MD/PhD students. If it doesn't rain, I think the fireworks will be going off over the ocean. I will post pictures if I get some good ones.

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Ensz Family said...

hi erika. how are you guys doing down there?