Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday came early this year. I simply could not wait when I came home Wednesday and saw the not one....not two....but three presents John had for me in the living room. Not only that. They were all wrapped- in wrapping paper. So, I ripped into my gifts with much anticipation. Here's what I recieved:
An electric blanket for those cold Galveston winters. I have already used it and it was wonderful. It is a throw size, rather than a bed sized blanket. I think it will be perfect.

Second: I received an MP3 player for my early morning runs. It will hold about 1000 songs and it has a radio, which is really what I prefer. It will also be perfect as I am now training for a 1/2 marathon (13 miles). My Bible study leader is an avid runner so I was happy to find someone to run with. Our first race will be the Houston Marathon on January 14.

Last, but not least, I recieved a White Moutain Ice Cream Maker. This is the "King" of all Homemade Ice Cream Makers (per Steve and Vicki). I must say that after our first batch, I agree. John and I made our first two quarts this evening for a little snack. John said he almost felt guilty eating it it was so sinfully good.

John did not stop with the presents, but he gave me a full night of his time. On "my" night we went to Gaido's, a nice seafood restaurant here in Galveston. We also rented a movie.

Tomorrow is my true birthday. I do have a party planned at work with the department I work in. Other than that we really won't have time to celebrate between work and Bible Study that evening. Thanks to John for making me feel so special for my birthday.

P.S. I case you are feeling sorry for John with all the attention I recieved don't worry. John did reap a few benefits from the gifts he gave. I am sure you can guess which one he liked the best.


the fredin's said...

That does look like the best ice cream maker ever! Bring your electric blanket when you come to visit us! :) John did a great job on your gifts. Looks like a good birthday! Well happy birthday today!! Enjoy it! We miss you guys! Can't wait to see you at christmas.

auntee_m said...

Happy, happy birthday! You deserve every bit of the attention you received! Way to go John!
Looking so forward to seeing you soon...better bring that blanket N with you more good here.

love you
Aunt Marchel

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could be there and give you a big birthday hug, guess I'll have to leave that up to John. He will enjoy it!!

I will give you a call this evening after work.

I have a new computer and setup. I feel so good about it all.

I talked to Jeremy and Kellie today and they are doing fine. We are anxiouos to see you in about a week.

Sounds like you had a great birthday. That John sure knows how to make you happy. You deserve it.
Love you,
Grandma Butch

the fredin's said...

Time to update rika-rika :)