Friday, May 18, 2007


I was finally able to buy some presents with the money raised for the Houston marathon. As you remember, the funds are intended to help HIV positive mothers and their affected newborn children with basic needs. Their most pertinent needs include things like diapers, bath tubs, car seats, blankets, strollers, and clothing. I expected to raise only enough money from the marathon to buy car seats. However, the fundraiser was blessed and I did get enough to buy additional items like listed above. Here is the toy room now (and I have not even ordered the car seats yet!):
As you can see, I have some organizing to do before I can fit 10 car seats in this room. My first shopping spree cost about $750 and was all of the Target bags stacked on the floor- some of them are cut out. All of the gifts I bought are for children from 0 to 12 months. The other gifts are donations from churches and AIDS organizations, and are mostly for older children. Thank you to everyone who donated. These women are in need.


Anonymous said...

Great Job! We're proud of you. We're looking forward to next week.
Love you both, Vicki

Anonymous said...

So proud of your group there! I bet those mom's and kids appreciate you all. Keep up the good work.
Love, Mom (Marcia)

grandmabutch said...

Dear John and Erika,
It is so good to read your blog. I read it to Grandpa and he enjoyed it too. He doesn't seem to want to chekc on the computer (he thinks his skills are not too good that way). Your work there at the Children's hospital is great. We are proud of you.

By the way I had to sign up for a blog to write to Erin in Africa. So I might send it on that!!!

Have a good week end. Love you both

Grandpa and Grandma Butch

the fredin's said...

oh erika that is awesome!! this made my cry!! all of those gifts...that is so cool. i can only imagine how many moms and babies you are going to help through this!! thanks for posting all the pictures!!