Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hurricane Season

It's officially hurricane season for the Gulf of Mexico. I am actually really excited to see what kind of storms we get. So far this week, two new threats have raised some concern on the island. It is all the buzz around Galveston, but it could be a false alarm. Tropical Depression Erin hit Corpus Christi today. The locals here say we are on the "dirty" side of the storm. Basically that is everyone to the right of the storm gets heavy rains and wind. There has been a little bit of activity today, but not as much as I was expecting after all the build up. So far, it has been pretty typical Galveston weather.
The one that everyone is really worried about is Hurriance Dean. It was upgraded to a category 1 hurricane this morning. I have been hearing reports that it will get to a Category 3 or 4. At this point, they have no idea where it is going to end up. It is expected to hit landfall on Monday. I will try to get some cool pictures if we see anything unusual. You can follow UTMB's alert at
For now, I am going to take my books to the porch and watch the clouds roll by. Hopefully, I will see some rain and lighting too. I love a good storm!


Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

Ick! I will be keeping my eye on YOU! :) Please don't turn into a storm chaser!
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Auntee m

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am at church and decided to pull up your blog. You just be safe in all that weather. We love you both.
Grandma Butch

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your triathalon. We'll be thinking of you. Love, Mom (Vicki)

the fredin's said...

I am so jealous!! I want to come and watch a good storm with you!! I will pray that you get good storms to watch, but not the point of evacuation :) I looked up tickets to Galveston today, and this weekend they are $119 roundtrip!! Yeah, no kidding, with a hurricane on the way! :) haha. Well take some good pics, can't wait to see them! (And I am really going to call you in the next couple of days to talk, I have been meaning to the past couple of days, and keep forgetting... oh, and check out our blog :)