Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ringing in the New Year!

Since I took very few pictures over Christmas and I have not posted in many weeks, I will pretend that nothing happened during that time (when in reality we were going crazy which was why I did not post).
To ring in the New Year John and I are making a monumental post. This is the first blog post that we have authored together. I think it is safe to say that John and I are glad to see 2007 gone and are looking forward to 2008. Why you may ask?

Highlights of 2007.....
1. John is done with another year of school.
2. Another wonderful year of marriage.
3. Loss of grandpas on both sides of our family.
4. New family member: Molly.
5. Traveling to Austin 2 times, Kansas 5 times, California 1 time, Washington DC 1 time, Arkansas 1 time.
6. Thanksgiving visitors from the North Country (Kansas).
7. One half marathon and one sprint triathlon for Erika.
8. John's academic success: Blocker's Scholar, 2nd place in the National Student Research Forum, Seymour Fisher Award, and remaining at the top of his medical school class the whole time.
9. Moving into our new house and LOVING it.
10. Weather: experiencing our first hurricane, a mild winter, and a ridiculously humid summer.

Highlights to come of 2008 (hopefully)...
1. Exciting school opportunities for both John and me.
2. John starts his PhD which, more significantly means he has finished his first two years of medical school.
3. Full Marathon (26.2 miles) for Erika in Washington DC among the monuments.
4. New family members: two weddings (Becca & Joe and Elizabeth & Dathan) and baby (Baby Fredin).
5. Three year anniversary.
6. Becoming more involved with Clear Creek Community Church and our Galveston Small Group.
7. Keeping out New Year's Resolutions to be healthier.
8. Annette's graduation from Remington High School.
9. John takes his first set of Board Exams.
10. Leaving room for something surprising.


Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

I think dogs are always a good idea....however as much traveling as you have done you should probably know you have a good "dog sitter" first.
I wonder what surprise 2008 will hold?
I am thankful for a new year, too.
love you both!

Anonymous said...

Well, in your new year you cn surprise us with your choice!!!! John's wisdom teeth are out Yea! I am at church and about ready to call it a day. It is easier to use the internet here. It was great to see you both. Love
Grandma Butch

Oh by the way, cats are pretty nice!!!!

the fredin's said...

Those seem like very good lists. So have you guys decided what you are going to do about getting a pet? I would always choose a dog over a cat...but dogs are more responsibility too and take more time.
Well our surprise of 2008 will be to figure out whether we are having a boy or a girl! Since Jeremy won't let me find out today..we have our official ultrasound today, and this is when we could find out. It is going to kill me the whole time to know it is right there!! :)

Jackie said...

Hi guys! I hope you had a good time at home, even though you were running around so much. Erika, it was good to see you, even though it wasn't very long! Good luck at your marathon in D.C., and enjoy your time there--it's a great city! Congrats on all your accomplishments this past year, and I'm sure 2008 will be even better. And, I'll email you sometime about reunion details--things are forming...If there is a time over the summer that might be more likely for you to make it back let me know!


the fredin's said...

So since the poll showed that you guys should get a dog...what is the concensus??