Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Whirlwind of Events

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of events for John and me. It went something like this:
Sunday, Jan 27: Bought our pugalier, Chase. Isn't he so cute? Monday, Jan 28: Erika Interview for PA school at UTMB. Here is Chase celebrating with me after my interview.Tuesday, Jan 29: My boys took their first nap together.Friday, Feb 1: John's first endocrine test.
Sunday, Feb 3: Super Bowl Party with small group at our house. Here you see Kevin, Angie, and Abigail. Then, Josh and Christina and finally the girls. Monday, Feb 4: Erika accepted to UTMB PA school AND John's first paper accepted for publication to Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The paper's title is "Antibiotic resistance of enterococci in American bison (Bison bison) from a nature preserve compared to pastured cattle". Here I am opening the letter of acceptance. Tuesday, Feb 5: Fat Tuesday in Galveston. Chase celebrates with a necklace from the Children's Hospital Mardi Gras parade. Wednesday, Feb 6: John placed in the top 5 students on his endocrine test.
Friday, Feb 8: Decide to find Chase another home. He has been spending the weekend with various friends who are interested in adopting him. John and I decided we could not keep him between our schedules and the amount of attention he requires. Unfortunately, we thought we were going to be dog-people. We are not, but we will miss him anyway!
Sunday, Feb 10: Spring begins in Galveston with 70 degree weather all weekend. John and I sit on the beach in shorts and a tank top. To sum it up, while Kellie was in the Dominican Republic saving lives on a medical mission trip, John and I bought a dog, adopted him to someone else, discovered my future career, start John's career with a publication, hosted a party, celebrated Mardi Gras, continued school as usual, and spent some time at the beach.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a busy two weeks, but sounded like alot of fun mixed in with the work. That puppy is cute - especially standing so tall in the grass!!! Thanks for the great update, I was thinking we should recollect our last two weeks and see if they were spent so well! Way to go on your individual accomplishments! God has been so good to you.
Mom Ensz

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
You have been some very busy people and have accomplished so very much. We are proud of you and know God has good things in store for you. Your puppy is so cute. Sorry it isn't working out. Take care and know we love you lots.
Grandma Butch

Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

Found a worthy home yet??? Congrats on being accepted to PA school and on the paper being published! How cool!
The 70 degrees is lookign really good. We had "thunder snow" here this morning.....only in Kansas. Last week we actually had hail in the morning and snow by afternoon...too weird!

Love to you both!

Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

And one more thing....I'm glad you had Chase long enough to found the hilarious video! :)

Kevin said...

So I guess we CAN name our kid Chase now.
You didn't have to give the dog away just so we could name Baby boy Flemmons Chase!!!
Congrats to Erica again for getting into PA school and to John for his awesome grade in Endo and publication. Bison??? I didn't know you knew anything about Bison!!!

the fredin's said...

wow...sounds like you guys have really had a productive couple of weeks! sorry the dog is not working out...he is absolutely adorable. i love those pictures of him that you took. i sure do miss a lot when i am gone!! congrats on being accepted to pa school!! looks like utmb finally got their act together huh? :) congrats to john on publishing the paper...although i have no idea what it means, i'm sure it is great :) i will give you guys a call soon so we can catch up on everything. love you!

the fredin's said...

Oh...and, i am totally jealous of the weather. After spending two weeks in the tropics, coming back here was a harsh reality. I am definitely ready for the warmer weather.

Jackie said...

Y'all have been busy! Too bad the puppy didn't work out, but you probably made a good decision. They are much happier when people are around to spend time with them.
And congrats to you both on your accomplishments! PA school sounds like an adventure, and publications are always a great way to start a career.
Hope you both maintain your sanity through your busy lives, and hope that spring weather continues!

Carina said...

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