Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Love Letter from John

Don't worry the following love letter is not as intimate as the title suggests. It is no Shakespeare, but I will take what I can get.

Some of you may know that John has high blood pressure. I was trying to help by sending him an article I found about hypertension in the paper.

Article Excerpts:
Good Marriage Equals Good Blood Pressure
NEW YORK (AP) -- A happy marriage is good for your blood pressure, but a stressed one can be worse than being single, a preliminary study suggests. That second finding is a surprise because prior studies have shown that married people tend to be healthier than singles, said researcher Julianne Holt-Lunstad.....Analysis found that the more marital satisfaction and adjustment spouses reported, the lower their average blood pressure was over the 24 hours and during the daytime. But spouses who scored low in marital satisfaction had higher average blood pressure than single people did. During the daytime, their average was about five points higher, entering a range that's considered a warning sign. (That result is for the top number in a blood pressure reading)....It makes sense that marital quality is more important than just being married when it comes to affecting blood pressure, said Dr. Brian Baker, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

John's reply:
If this research is true, then without you my blood pressure would be 200/150.

My reply:
How sweet! I guess I was the pessimist in this case. I was think I might be the cause of your hypertension. I like your way of thinking better.

John's response:
You are being way too pessimistic. I really think I would have had a berry aneurysm on my circle of willis explode leading to a hemorrhagic stroke and consequent paraplegia and dementia if it weren't for your calming presence. I love you (how's that for sweet husband MD talk).


Annette Jo said...

oh my gosh... you guys are halarious!

Anonymous said...

Great letter! You two are in love and that's great! I sm so glad John didn't develop a berry anuersym leading to stroke and paraplegia and dementia!!!
Don't want his brain to explode!!
Mom Ensz

Anonymous said...

I guess i should hove exploded year ago!!!! No That was so sweet and comforting. You two are a great couple. Just ask Grandma!!!!
Pray for us tomorrow. We need it.
Grandma Butch

sippingteh said...
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sippingteh said...

Hi Erika (and John)!

This is kind of random... but I stumbled across your blog in my search to find fellow UTMB PA students starting this fall. I was pumped to read God is a part of your life. I'm not from the South, and have minimal connections in Galveston. (And am a little nervous about not knowing anyone). I am looking for ways to get a little more connected, especially with other believers. Anyways, if you have a chance, I'd love to hear from you! My email is peach_kings at (Unfortunately my blog is quite bland... the result of A&P and lots of shifts!) ~Janna

Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

who can resist that kind of sweet talk? :)
love you

the fredin's said...

wow...that is so john. that is hilarious. glad you posted about it!

Kirsten said...

the best part is that i actually understand what he said. scary. I'm glad that you're keeping his blood pressure down with great love and caring. John ... i'm sucking up neuroscience. take my tests for me?