Saturday, May 31, 2008

Galveston Sandcastle Competition

John and I traveled the 2 long miles to East Beach today to check out the annual sandcastle competition. We have always wanted to go, but each year we just missed it from being out of town. This year was the 22nd annual contest. I read in the paper that many of the teams are architecture, engineering, and contracting companies that use fancy tools and systems. They supposedly plan for months in advance in pursuit of the Golden Bucket Award. Not all of the designs were sandcastles. Most were creative creations that fell into categories like the most hilarious, the most environmentally friendly, political messages, movie themes, etc. Here are our favorites and votes for the best:
John's favorites
HalliburtonFamily Guy's Evil Monkey CastleErika's favorites
SandylandGalveston Jones: the crab in the hat is back"Its Lonely at the Top"
This was the tallest sandy structure....and 5 minutes later it was no longer one of the tallestBest actual sandcastle (Look at those arches between castles. Wow!)Best Abstract


Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! The water in the background really looks nice!! well as the people in front of the sand castles. I like the one with the arches. Neat!
Mom Ensz

Anonymous said...

Erika! It is great to catch up on your lives and see what you have been up to!! It sounds like you have been quite busy! I hope all is well and that we can catch up sooner rather than later!

the fredin's said...

Those are impressive! You guys should enter next year :)

Anonymous said...

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