Thursday, July 17, 2008

Deja Vu and More

John and I just returned from our second honeymoon to Estes Park, CO. The trip was really meant for Joe's wedding, but we decided to extend it a few days and revisit our first trip together. We stayed at Aspen Winds, the same resort that we stay on the honeymoon, and we tried to take many of the same pictures. Here is a sampling:
Today: Shopping in Estes Park
2005: Shopping in Estes Park Today at Twin Owls Steakhouse 2005 at Twin Owls Steakhouse

Today: Horseback riding in the Rocky Mountain National Park
2005: Horseback riding
Yeah, so, we pretty much look exactly the same. I suppose it was more the experience of the trip than to see how much we had changed. Still, I would recommend a similar sort of trip for all married couples. It is amazing how much you remember once you are in the same setting.
We were actually in Estes Park for a couple days longer this trip than last so we participated in many additional outings. We spent much more time in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was the highlight of the trip. We could have spent all day everyday there. We drove and climbed to the above 12,000 feet (which is quite a difference from our usual 0 feet). John and I also went on a 5.5 mile hike. Here you see us at the midpoint, regretting how far we had left do go. What goes up must come down...


aunteem said...

so glad you could make that trip! love the new pictures! Can't wait to see the real things before long!

love you

annette said...

Haha, you and John should wear fur hats every time you go out. They're really classy. haha.

Anonymous said...

Dad and I were wondering if we drove through 2 different towns, do you think we could agree on where we spent our first night of our honeymoon? We don't agree on the town we stayed in!!! (and it wasnt' Wichita so all you who read this know)!!

the fredin's said...

Those pictures are awesome! I'm sure that elevation was a lot different for you guys..I didn't think about you guys currently living at 0 feet sea level. I love the picture of the two of you on that hike. Can't wait to see you soon!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

So anxious to see you both.
Love Grandma Butch