Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun with Gracen

Who can resist cute pictures of our beautiful niece? As I was looking through all of our pictures from recent trips, I noticed a large number of cute Gracen pictures so I had to share.

(Molly, let this be incentive for you to start walking. See how much fun you could have with Uncle John and Aunt Erika? We are coming for you next!)


the fredin's said...

i love that pic of you and gracen pulling on your mouths and rolling your cute. i could put up pictures of you and liam if only i had my camera...yup still haven't found it. i am pretty sure someone took it. i would like to think they didn't but i am thinking thats what happened! i loved those pictures of him with you guys though :(. can you send me the ones you got with your camera? (by the way it is driving me NUTS not having a camera to take pictures of him with everyday..he probably likes it though!)

Anonymous said...

Such great pictures . Gracen was having a great time!
the new picture of you and John on your blog page is great.

Anonymous said...

I really like that picture of you are John. What a handsome pair!!!
Love you both
Grandma Butch