Monday, October 06, 2008

A Picture is Worth 1000 words

No time for commentary. Pictures are worth 1000 words. The only thing that I would add that you can not experience through pictures is the smell. Everything in the house and on the island has a smell of sewage and mold. It is indescribable the destruction unless you experience it first hand.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
We are praying for you guys during this time. Even though it is hard work and I am sure very sad to throw lots of your items away just remember God is Good and is going to teach you something through all this. God Bless you both through this hard time and we will be praying for you has you adjust to new things in life.
Chris and Mandi Ridenour

Marcia said...

We love you both so much!
Dad and Mom Ensz

Anonymous said...

I've heard it said that wallpapering or building a house together is the biggest test of a marriage. Well, how about a hurricane? Wow!!! The pictures were incredible!!! I'm sure you will be stronger because of it. Your relationship with each other as well as with God will be strengthened as you work through the trials. Know that we will continue to pray for you and your neighbors. Please let us know if we can do anything to help, if you need stuff or money, or if our prayers will be the best source of assistance right now. God's blessings on you! Love, Darryl and Mindy

Brad said...

Hey John and Erika,

The slideshow was very vivid of all the work you have ahead of you. We do pray for you often and know you will be better people when you finally get all settled in again. Love you and feel privileged to be part of your lives - if only in prayer right now. Aunt Mary for the Wiebes.

Cristy said...

WoW! Damage is worse than I thought. I like the "free food" sign. Nice to know some people can keep their humor in tough times! We love you guys.

aunteem said...

Prov. 3:5 & 6.....Wow, I know how overwhelming life is right now. Be blessed and encouraged by the love sent your way by so many people. We love you lots

Anonymous said...

I finally got the blog to work for me and I also got you pictures up on my computer. Success at last!So good to talk to you today. Now it doesn'[t want to go!!!! Love you both,
Grandma Butch

grandmabutch said...

I am trying to get my blog to work I don't know why it isn't working. However, do remember that we pray for you and love you both.
Grandma Butch

Anonymous said...

John & Erika -
Got access to your site through Brenda Highbarger. Lots of connections here: Brenda is my son's mother-in-law, she was my library assistant, I took a few library classes with Marchel, AND we just moved to Bridge City Texas in July! We bought a house, had just really got unpacked and settled. In 2 months, I evacuated three time. We pretty much lost everything...but God is good. In the midst of this storm, we have seen his hand at work. We are praying for you that as you rebuild your lives, his foundation in your heart will set the tone for getting through each new day. Best of everything to you both!
Shannon Hobbs

Stephanie said...

Hey John and erika! I just wanted you both to know im praying for you! And im glad you guyz are okay! I kno its tough but God will help you get through this!

Stephanie Schultz