Sunday, March 15, 2009

Entertaining for the MD/PhD Progressive Dinner

John and I hosted the appetizer portion of the progressive dinner for the MD/PhD program last weekend. It was really fun. We hosted with our friend Sarah who is also a MD/PhD student who lives across the hall. We had food on her side and drinks on our side. We ended up with about 30 people here.
The “Second Look Weekend” is designed to convince those students accepted into the UTMB MD/PhD program that UTMB is the best place for them to be. It is really one of the better events that the program puts on for students. They put you up in swanky hotels, take you to the trendiest dinners in town, and you get all the free alcohol you want. Plus, you get to meet and talk to older students to get an accurate impression of the school. Anyway, it was fun to finally be a stop on the progressive dinner.
Here my pictures:
The hosts (Sarah, Chris, John and me)

The food side

The drink side

Sarah came over to the drink side with food because for some reason everyone was staying on the drink side. Hum, wonder why….


aunteem said...

Wow...2 updates close together! Looks like the whole meal in appetizers! What fun!

love ya

grandmabutch said...

See you in a few hours!!!!

Grandma Butch

Anonymous said...

I don't see any diet coke on that table! :)
Mom Ensz