Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Trip to Dallas

John and I met mom and dad in Dallas for a conference PA conference where I received a scholarship from the Texas PA Foundation.
Here I am receiving my award. There is a check in that envelope! Yippee!

Here I am with my chairman and classmates receiving a $14,000 donation from the Texas PA Foundation for Hurricane Ike relief. They had a very nice presentation about our program and students surviving despite adversity. They even gave us a standing ovation. It was all very nice. We are so grateful to this organization. They also came to our classes shortly after the hurricane with LOTS of supplies. I got gift cards, kleenexes, toothbrushes, hand sanitizers, blankets, pillows, sheets, scrubs, etc.

Here is my support team. Mom, Dad, and John were so wonderful watching me get the award. They all sat through a lecture just to be able to see me receive the award.


Marcia said...

Congratulations Erika! We were proud to be there for your award!

grandmabutch said...

Wow! That was so exciting. I'm very proud of you. Uncle Gail and Debra are coming today. I better spruce up a bit!!!

Love you,
Grandma Butch

aunteem said...

Congratulations Erika! I'm so glad your folks could come. I hear you have more company coming soon!
love you

the fredin's said...

Glad you posted about that! That is awesome that you got that award. What an honor with only 3 other from the state getting it. Congratulations!! Good to talk to you the other night...I apologize for the crying baby in the background :) He is better now that that tooth as come through :)