Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Caution: Men may not want to read this post

Men you have a fair warning. You may not want to read this post about my Urology rotation. I had to do it though because I have gotten to do some cool stuff. I have finished three days of clinical rotations and they have been really fun (minus the wired urology stuff).

Day 1: saw patients in the Ben Taub Urology clinic, watched a prostate biopsy, did the next prostate biopsy, did a rectal exam, review alot of CTs and Xrays of kidneys and cancer.
Day 2: performed a circumcision from the incision to the sutures on an adult male, scrubbed in and closed the incisions with sutures on a vasectomy, did some history and physicals on my own, getting more comfortable with people dropping their pants when I walk in the room.
Day 3: screened patients for surgery readiness in the pre-op clinic, observed a radical resection of the prostate (removal of the entire prostate)--- very bloody.
Day 4: plan to scrub in on a nephrectomy (removal of a kidney) and see kids in the pediatric urology clinic.

Some of this medical talk may be awkward for people to read, but it is what I am doing for the next 3 weeks. It was not my first choice, but I am enjoying it none the less. Just be glad I resisted the urge to post a picture of genitalia on the blog.


thehobbs said...

I know just what you mean...I frequently have to stop telling stories at the dinner table when I get the "are you really talking about that while we eat" look. I think it's perfectly normal to talk about bowel movements and blood at the table! :)

Marcia said...

Good thing no pictures were posted! that might be illegal!
I am glad you are getting good experience even though those in my house are covering their ears or laughing as a read this to them! (you can guess who covered their ears and who laughed)!

the fredin's said...

wow erika!! that is awesome! i'm so glad you are finally getting to preform procedures and get into the fun stuff! keep posting what you are doing! i love to hear about it at least :) haha. your mom pointed out that only nurses have commented on this post so far :) keep the stories comin :)

grandmabutch said...

Well, Well, I never dreamed my sweet little granddaugther would END up doing these procedure. That is quite interesting!! I'm glad you were able to work those men over a little. I think you are great in this profession. Good PA's are needed.

aunteem said...

I think what Grandma must of meant to say was did you tighten the band enough??

And, yes, thanks for using restraint! :)

The Wertenberger Family said...

Whoa! Very impressive. Isn't nice to have the assurance that you are doing something that you love? So glad for you, Ms. PA.