Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fun in the Sun

John and I spent most of today in the sun. First, we went to the MD PhD party at the Yacht Club. It was scheduled to be at the new waterpark, Shlitterbahn, but they move it because of budget cuts. The club was nice with some really amazing boats, but we just spent most of the party hanging out by the pool. They also had a buffett lunch for us. One of the highlights was meeting the last two students of John's class. These two students are doing their PhD in Austin, but MD in Galveston. They seemed like alot of fun. I think John's class will be alot of fun as we get to know them more.
Afterwards, John finally agreed to go to the beach with me. So, we bought a couple of boogie boards and went to a beach on the west end. The beaches there are not near as busy. Unfortunately, the waves were not very high so we didn't stay in the water for very long. We much prefer to watch the waves roll in.


Anonymous said...

Two HOT people at the beach :) I like the boogie boards. I bet those would be a lot of fun if the waves were bigger. I think Jeremy and I are going to get a blog thing too. So I will let you know. I am still trying to figure out how to send you pictures!

auntee_m said...

now that you've gotten John to the beach; just don't let him turn into a beach bum! :)
it was wonderful talking to you Saturday.

Anonymous said...

this is the first time i have looked at you bloog and i must say it is pretty cool! i reall liked the picture of that beach whale (john) with his boogie broad lol! this is by far the coolest blog i have ever seen before it is out of the world!

Cristy said...

thanks Dathan. there's some honesty now. dathan--I think you need to check OUR blog =) but its not as cool, that's for sure.