Saturday, July 22, 2006

Nothing New Here

Ya know, I try to post about once a week, but this week.... nothing happened. It was just your regular run-of-the-mill, everyday stuff. We went to the beach, work, and school. That was about it. I had to make up something though because Dathan said our blog was the coolest ever. So, I have a reputation to worry about now.

For my week, I had two babies born in the HIV Clinic. (That is actually alot for one day because we usually see about 5 patients a week.) One baby was born to a prison patient so that was interesting. Other than that, I mostly took care of CPS (Child Protective Services) stuff, seeing patients, follow-ups, scheduling appointments, and Medicaid forms. I also started my Medical Terminology class. It is an online course, and I don't think it will be too hard.

John had some good progress in his lab. They started writing his first publication. He is planning to submit it to the journal Bioinformatics sometime soon. He and Dr. Barral want to get it out before he leaves for medical school. It has actually been kind of nice for me because all of his work for this paper is done on the computer. He does alot of it from home.

The pictures I posted this time are of UTMB's campus. The "Old Red" building is one of the original buildings from the medical school. It survived the 1900 hurricane. It is one of the great prides of the campus. As I understand it, John will have courses here. The other building is just a picture of the Children's Hospital. This is where I work everyday.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your entries on your blog. I really enjoy them and I am always excited to see them and read about you two. Run of the mill days is what life is about, isn't it? It's those opportunities that God surprises us with along the way that make life adventuresome. So glad you wrote.
Have a great week. Oh - Annette' s cheeks got very swollen - I need to learn how to send pictures, you would like it. She is cute!

the fredin's said...

It looks great! What did you think of your first deliveries? Did you get to go? They are pretty neat. The campus looks gorgeous. Sounds like the job is going well!! I'm glad. Jeremy and I decided we need to come down there and go to Schlitterbahn. And see you guys of course! :)

auntee_m said...

Good to see where you and John will be going to school. What beautiful buildings. Where you in on the deliveries? We just got back from Wyoming with Erin's car. It was a fast, but good trip. Check out my blog to see pictures.
love ya both
Aunt Marchel

Anonymous said...

mmmm Galveston. mmmm beach. mmmm VACATION AT JOHN AND ERIKA'S! I have one final left and I'm so excited to come see you guys!

Your "every-day" experiences are all new to us because we don't live you life, so keep posting them even if they're boring to you. I like to hear about your life :) I live on the water vicariously through you!