Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bed N' Breakfast

John and I have spent the week scoping out activities for all of our guests. We will have a house full of people for about a month. First, my parents are coming on Friday. Next Friday, Steve and Vicki and Kirsten and Richie are going to be here. The next weekend we hope to see Gracen and Cristy and Grandmother and Grandad. Finally, Joe is visiting over Labor Day.

We have found some cool stuff to do in this town. First, there is the beach. There are sno cone machines, ice cream trucks, surfing lessons, jet skis, and of course, just relaxing under and umbrella. There is deep sea fishing boats and dophins watching, shopping and Schlitterbahn, drive-up oceanside movies and live bands by the water. Oh yeah, the food is amazing. Case in point, John and I went to check out the Rainforest Cafe earlier this week. It was a little longer walk than we thought, so John is pictured here at the CocaCola Cool Zone. It is this outdoor center with a/c coming out. I didn't think it worked that well, but we had fun watching the hula dancers that were across from us.

I had better finish getting ready for our guests by cleaning the house. Bye.

(The second picture here is of the storm that rolled through last week. This is a picture of the front moving in on Sunday night.)


the fredin's said...

I wish we were some of your guests!! We can't wait to come and see you. We miss you guys! Thats awesome that you are going to have people around for a while. It will be nice to see family for a while. Sounds like you can stay pretty entertained in Galveston! Keep us updated!!

auntee_m said...

ditto...ditto...wish we were coming too...but we are just helping our kids move this month. erin leaves Sunday and K and J plan to take out the 17th. I hate that i can't go along to help; but with our school starting a week earlier I can't go.
Have a wonderful time with your families all coming. we miss you and love you.

Cristy said...

Put a vote in for Rainforest Cafe and Schlitterbahn. Gracen and I would love to go there. we'll be leaving early Sunday for TX and heading back to KS on Wednesday with Gmom an Gdad. To quote Grandad from earlier today, "I've said all I have to say after two days, so its time to go home."