Friday, August 11, 2006

Family pictures

Dathan at the Kemah boardwalk. Kemah is a carnival-like atmosphere near NASA. He lost at this game by the way.

Annette and Dad trying out the flight simulator at NASA. Annette landed the shuttle. Impressive.

Family under our new tent at the beach

Mom and Dad on their 26th anniversary

The entire family at the Harbor in Galveston

The family at the Fisherman's Wharf with the Elissa in the background. It was a ship built in 1887 that used for tours today.

The family for mom and dad's 26th anniversary

As you can see, the Anderson-Ensz family managed to squeeze in a few activities from the last time I posted. Of course, we spent more time at the beach. But in addition, we celebrated mom and dad's anniversary, went to NASA, rode the ferry, visited the harbor, went to Kemah boardwalk, and ate ALOT of food. Unfortunately, John and I still had to work this last week so we did not get to do everything with the family. We enjoyed the time we had though. John finished his work today, and the lab had a nice going away party for him last night. He starts medical school orientation a week from Monday.

Next for our visitors is Steve and Vicki and Kirsten and Richie tonight and Sunday is Grandmother and Grandad with Cristy and Gracen.


the fredin's said...

annette is so smart, landing that shuttle and everything :). thats awesome that you got that tent!! That is nice to have at the beach I bet. You look amazing, by the way, in those pictures!! You have to have lost more weight. Way to go!! Jeremy and I are going to start on that when we get to Indiana ;).

Anonymous said...

Hi John and Erika and whoever is down there now!!!

Your blog is great! Your folks brought their pictures over this evening and we also got to see the pickup. It is really a nice one.
They had a wonderful time. I know you did too.

We will come sometime when it cools off. I don't know if we will drive or fly. Don't worry, it won't be right away; you know it takes us a while to make up our minds.

It was so great to talk to you today. We wish you were here Sunday, but we understand that the distance does make a big difference. We will be thinking of you.

Love you both,
Grandma Butch

auntee_m said...

well.......the party is definitely not here right now!
Goodness you all are going to be very busy with vacationers for a while! :)
we are busy with school starting, Kellie and Jeremy getting ready to move and our house. They will start framing the house this week. We looked at appliances today. so many little time! :) I imagine there is a good chance that the next time you are home we may be in our new house.
love you both!

Cristy said...

you guys won't believe the load of Shiz-nit Gracen and I are hauling down for just two days. I bet I'll get an earful from a bunch of people. Hope you're reading to entertain one cute but sassy little niece!!!

Anonymous said... look absoulty gorgeous...just in case you didn't know. i love you!
--your cuz erin

Anonymous said...

John and Erika,
Trust all is going well with you. I am sure you are enjoying your company.

Just thought I would write and tell you I love you both.

I hurt my back last Saturday while helping Grandpa hook up the trailor. I have been very miserable this week. Pain pills just didn't help, so Grandpa took me to the emergency room yesterday morning. I got a muscle relaxer shot and pills and another shot of antiinflamatory. It helped some ,but this morning I had had it. So I asked if I could have some physical therapy starting tomorrow, Friday. I sure hope it helps. Anyway I am not going to help with the trailer anymore. I was jacking it up while Grandpa was trying to get the things hooked on the ball. One time up would have been fine. But we worked for around 6-7 times, and that really did me in.

We did have a good dinner on Sunday for Kellie and Jeremy, but your folks came and set up the table and Grandpa helped me cook.

Love you very much,
Grandma Butch