Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dr. Anderson

John had his first honor as a new medical student on Monday. UTMB hosted what they call the White Coat Ceremony. It symbolizes medical student becoming part of the health care profession and their commitment to patient care. Because they are medical students, they recieve a "half" coat. When John graduates with his M.D., he will recieve a full coat. John's class has 230 students in it, only 6 of them are MD/PhDs. The ceremony was performed with much pomp and circumstance. It was for the class of 2010, but John will actually graduate later than that probably 2013 or 2014. There was a reception following, but we did not stay too long because it was crowded. As you will notice, I have no pictures of John actually crossing the stage because my camera ran out of batteries. That is why all of the pictures we have are from home. John will spend the rest of his week in orientation. He has been making friends quickly; he was even invited to a party this evening. Tomorrow, I believe, he has a simliar ceremony for the Gradate School. (As soon as I get some pictures from the "second group" of travelers I will post them.)


Anonymous said...

awwww. little brother. The coat suits him well don't you think??? well, by the time he's done with school Gracen will be about 10. it'll go fast!! we miss you both. love, Cristy

Anonymous said...

John you look great in that coat! We are sure proud of you two. Thanks for the smile!! Love, Mom (Ensz)

Anonymous said...

John and Erika,
What a handsome couple!! I am very proud of both of you. Hangin there I know you will do well.

Grandpa Butch

Anonymous said...

John and Erika,

Wow I wish I had such a good looking doctor!!! I really wish one that would help my back pain. It is no better and I will have a body scan on Friday. Please pray the the pain will let up. I am wearing a pain patch now and taking advil and tylenol.

Your picture helped me think of something very pleasant, YOU!!!

Love you both,
Grandma Butch

the fredin's said...

John you look so good! You remind me of all the medical students at work! Bet you can't wait for your OB rotation :). No, I don't think they will let you skip that one :). Can't wait to see you guys sometime.

Mom said...

You make a Mother proud! Wish we could have been there. For sure we'll be there when you walk across the stage to get the full coat. Love, Mom (Anderson)

auntee_m said...

so, which is more work, school and work or all your company? :) looking good john, of course with Erika beside you you look even better! Love you both and miss you.
Aunt Marchel