Saturday, August 26, 2006

A House Full

The whole group at the Aquarium. The Aquarium is a restaruant in Kemah with a big circle aquarium in the center. Gracen loved it.

Erika, John, Richie, and Kirsten at the Aquarium

A shark on Kemah boardwalk. Gracen and Steve.

Vicki, Steve, Gracen, Grandmother and Grandad at the Oil Rig museum.

Gracen at the fresh fish market.

John and his niece, Gracen

Gracen and Cristy on a ride at the Kemah boardwalk

As you can see, we had a lot of people over the last couple of weeks. For the lastest group of travelers, we had Steve, Vicki, Kirsten, Richie, Grandmother, and Cristy and Gracen. Among other things, we grilled out on the beach, rode some waves, swam in the pool, played with Gracen, went on a Harbor tour, visited some parks, went to NASA, road the ferry, ate ALOT of food, went to Kemah boardwalk, and just had a good time in fellowship. We have loved having our friends and family around. Now, it is time to put the nose to the grindstone and start classes. John has officially finished his first week of orientation. Can you believe there is one WEEK of orientation just for learning how to take classes?

Also, these pictures of courtesy Cristy (John's sister). If you are like John and I and can't get enough of the pictures of Gracen, you can check her out at


the fredin's said...

Looks like you guys had fun! We were in Indianapolis seeing Liz today, so that was a good time. Can't wait to see you guys sometime! Good luck with all your classes! My first day of work is tomorrow.

the fredin's said...

our secret is posting SOO many pictures that people feel an obligation to say something. because its like, how can you not leave a comment after looking at 25 pictures?? you HAVE to have something to say about at least one of them :). love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kids,

I know you had a wonderful time. Now it is back to the old grind. That's good though too.

Grandpa must mow the yard today. My therapist said no to my trying it.

I should hear from my bone scan by Wedsneday.

Love you both,
Grandma Butch

erindanielle said...

wow...looks like fun! how's life going?? new job?? i wanna hear all about it sometime!