Thursday, October 26, 2006

Grand WAC Champion

As promised........John's lastest success in medical school. John finished his first class of medical school on Friday. It was GAR (Gross Anatomy and Radiology). It was painfully boring and VERY time consuming, but some good did come from it. His final rank in the class after GAR was #3. This high ran was due partly to his stellar performance on Test #1. For that he was awarded: SPAM (Student's Performing at Maximum). Here you see the course directors, Dr. Miller and Dr. Collins present John with the top award. Still, that pales in comparision to his ultimate victory in WAC. WAC is a corny game show that the class directors set up to played once a week. Its an acronym for "Who's Anatomically Correct?". It all started when John was selected as the representative from his group to be a contestant on the game show. He won easily at his first competition and was awarded a vertebrea key chain with a matching vertebrae mug for his prize. Because of his success, he automatically qualified for the final Grand WAC competition, a week ago Wednesday. Again, he won. You can see him sporting his stylish rewards here: a"thinking" cap, a gift card to the bookstore, and a textbook. Can you tell how at home he is with those prizes? The best part actually belongs to me. I am married to the most Anatomically Correct Man in the UTMB medical school class os 2010.


Anonymous said...

I heard John was also able to slice open the cadavar when no one else could do it? is that true?? :o) Cristy

the fredin's said...

I'm glad that I finally have someone in the family to share nerdy medical stuff with. You had to be so proud Erika! :) We used to get really dorky prizes like that in nursing school.(not that that hat is dorky :) ). At least they try and make it fun for them!! Sounds like John is doing great! I guess all that studying pays off ;)

auntee_m said...

wow...the hat really is dorky...:) thanks for sharing. so fun to see pictures of john and you....make sure he takes some of you next time! :)
love ya

the fredin's said...

Erika that would be awesome if you guys could come over to FL if we end up getting to go!! We would have a great time!! Oh yea, now the pressure really is on :)

Anonymous said...

I am proud of my grandson. You are doing a great job. I'm sue your lovely wife helps you out!!!

Love you both,
Grandma B