Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sweet Escape

I ventured off the island last weekend for a trip home to see family. Mostly I went to see Grandpa and Charlie, who have been receiving chemotherapy for a month now. But while I was there, I got to see all of my aunt and uncles and cousins on my side of the family. It was fast, but sweet.

Here a sample of my trip home:

We celebrated Dathan's 19th birthday on Saturday. Yes, he actually stayed in one spot long enough to eat dinner. We were also graced with Elizabeth's presence. She is Dathan's girlfriend, and this was her first family event. I think she will stick around for a while regardless of the family. Grandma Butch bought him a birthday card from the Mahogany section. We all got a good laugh out of it.

I was fortunate enough to spend quality time with the girl's of the family. Mom, Annette, and I went shopping one day. I also got to see Kellie and Erin for our dinner at Grandma Butch's. This is the last time the family will be together (minus John) until at least Christmas. Kellie and Jeremy won't be home for Thanksgiving and we might miss them over Christmas. Being an adult who has a work schedule really isn't all that fun. (Note my new glasses in this picture)

I also spend time with the Ensz side. I went to the Wiebe farm and Grandpa Ensz's. Charlie and Grandpa looked very well considering the last month they have been through. They were in good spirit, and I was encouraged by their faith. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera both times.

I returned home to a tropical storm. It has been about 94% humidity, but much better thatn that cold snow-stuff you see in Kansas and Indiana. I am content to remain in Galveston. In fact, I told everyone this weekend I will not be moving any farther North than Dallas.

Despite John's command to not have any fun, I snuck in a little. He was very lonely by the time I came back. He said the house just wasn't the same without me. It was nice to be missed.

Stay tuned for some new pictures of John's lastest success at medical school......


the fredin's said...

we LOVED seeing you!! we miss you guys so much, and i hate it that we might miss you over christmas. have fun in that tropical storm!! it is supposed to snow again the next couple days :). don't you wish you were here....haha. can't wait to see johns latest med school success! :) tell him hi, and we missed him.

Annette said...

that was a great post. mom laughed at it a lot, especially the mahogany part. i wish that you'd quit rubbing it in that you have way better weather in galveston. it's not very nice of you at all... haha. mom says that the picture of you and grandpa and dad is a great picture. i agree. if you want to see a good movie then i suggest the prestige. it's slightly dark, but even john probably won't be able to figure out all of the plot twists. you'd enjoy it.
well, i'm going to go to sleep now i think. have a good time doing whatever it is that you do there.

Anonymous said...

John and Erika
So good to have you home even if John couldn't make it. We did miss him very much.

Your mom said you will get a different apartment. That is so good. I hope it happens real soon.

We love you both. We are glad you a happy there.

Love Grandma Butch

auntee_m said...

hard to see your new glasses with Kellie's red eyes! :)
we all miss you; was wonderful seeing you even for a short time.
will pray that Christmas works out.
much love