Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy Birthday

Before the ipod
After the ipod

John's birthday was Tuesday and we have had a weeks worth of celebration. We started our party on Friday (after his first medical school test) by going out to eat and giving John his gift. Steve and Vicki, Mom and Dad, and I went together to get John an 80GB Apple ipod. It was released the Tuesday before John's birthday and arrived just in time. Only the best for John! The weekend was spent relaxing in the sun, watching movies, eating out, and John playing with his ipod. The day of his birthday we went to Saltgrass with the MDPhD students from John's class. It was a nice dinner. They arranged everything. They got reservations, paid for John and me, and had the staff make 2 Brownie sundaes for John's birthday. We were very surprised. It was alot of fun. Still, John's birthday was not all we had to celebrate: John's first test was Friday. He did great. He ranks first in his class after test number 1. However, there are alot more to go.

This last weekend was not all fun and games though. We spent some time insulating a couple of areas in our house where cigarette smoke from the neighbors pours in. There were two really bad spots: one in the kitchen and one is the bathroom. We have had this problem for a few weeks, but we just found the source. I think that our quick fix will hold (at least until the lease it up). Unfortunately, I am not sure that our new furniture will every be the same. Plus, we have spent a couple hundred dollars on air ionizers, air freshners, and insulation. I suppose it is cheaper than moving.

As for me, this week was slow at work. It was nice for a change. I was able to make some headway on the data for my research project on false positive, quantitative PCRs in newborn congenitally exposed HIV patients. We has seen a series of false posivitive with the newer ultrasensitive bDNA testing that we are looking into. So far, it is just an observation. We will have alot more work to do. I also had a test this week and two more next week. I am looking forward to a break and to coming home to visit everyone on October 13-15.

Next week, I will also be attending the Triangle AIDS Network Conference in Beaumont, TX. The social worker and I are the representative from UTMB Maternal Child HIV Program. TAN is one of our partner programs that takes care of the social needs of our patients. There is a real need in the Beaumont/PortArthur area for HIV care. It is a hotbed for transmission. It will be a long day, as the conference is 1 1/2 hours away and it lasts all day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Erika! How are you doing? It sounds like life in TX is going pretty well and you guys are staying busy. Everything you guys do sounds so intelligent! It makes me feel a little immature, almost. I just have to worry about getting my readings done and making sure I don't screw up my campus tours to students! Anyway, thought I'd give a short update--I'm loving living alone, look forward to grad school in library science, and have a new boyfriend. Remember Cory Enterkin, star runner? Now he's my man! Crazy? Anyway, I'll be home the weekend you're back, so I know you'll be busy, but if you have time we should catch up!

Take care, and tell John I'm jealous of the ipod!

Jackie :)

the fredin's said...

those are hilarious pictures of john. im sure he loved the i-pod. sounds like you guys had a great week of celebrations! can't wait to see you in a couple weeks! I am so ready to come home!! i got your recipes. they look amazing! we haven't tried them yet, but we are looking forward to it.

auntee_m said...

good morning and a late happy birthday to John! i think and pray for you both daily and fail miserably at getting my phone calls made....John, you have a lot of serious downloading to do in order to fill your ipod. mine is a 30 g with over 1,000 pics, lots of music, some tv..etc and i still have well over 20g left!
for some reason i really miss all my "far away" family this morning; both of you included. love you lots!

Anonymous said...

John and Erika,
It was so good to talk to you the other evening. I am doing so well. Just a little discomfort( note the medical terM)in the area that was worked on, my back!!!

So happy you are doing so well. We love both of you and pray for you everyday aat least once.

Annette is coming over to visit me this evening. Haven't seen her since the first of the month.

It will be so good to see you again. John, take good care of yourself while your bride is away.

Love, Grandma B

Anonymous said...



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