Friday, September 15, 2006

Blocker's Scholars Dinner

John and I have had an eventful week. We got the car back on Tuesday. I had a Physics test Tuesday. John has been preparing all week for his first Medical School test, and I had several new referrals for the HIV clinic. We enrolled in a group at our church Clear Creek Community. It is a young married group that meets in Galveston. There were a few couples that were even from UTMB. It is going to start this Monday night. Also, Grandma Butch and Charlie were admitted an discharged from the hospital. Needless to say, we have been working hard and wishing we could be at home to help support family.

We capped off this week with a MDPhD Scholars Dinner at the Hotel Galvez. It was a banqet to recognize the new MDPhD students, 2nd year students with good grades in 1st year, and those who had successfully defended their theses. The banquet was called the Blocker's Scholar Dinner because it also was intended to give recognition to those people who started the $5 million endowment that all MDPhD students are paid from. We had a great time.

Here are some pictures from the event (the stage was dark I recovered them, as best I could):
David (Texas), Chris (Connecticut), John, and Dianne (Houston) waiting for their introduction. These are four of the other students in John's class.
John's moment of fame: Dr. Wienman, the director of the MDPhD program, introduced John for the event. Things he talked about for John: neuroscience, Most Promising Student in Biology, and he was the first student ever from Kansas.
All of the first year MDPhD students and their significant others sat at a table together. Here you see John, David (Texas), and Pat (Canada).
I also wanted to mention. John is on other websites. If you want to see stuff about John from the White Coat Ceremony or MDPhD program, you can click on those links. John is on the second the pictures from the White Coat Ceremony. (If you open the link in Internet Explorer it will allow you to see a bigger picture. For some reason, with our Firefox, you only see a small one.)


the fredin's said...

Wow! That all looks really exciting. That David guy looks a lot like Daniel Conley, I think. You guys looked really nice! Glad you got your car back!

Anonymous said...

Say, I knew that my grandson was a handsome person. These pictures just prove it!!! Good to see your picture, Erika wiht those lovely roses.

We love you all very much. We are doing better here. Just waiting for the procedure on my back on the 26th. Pray for a success and my blood pressure to calm down.

Love you,
Grandma Butch

mom ensz said...

John and Erika -
It's so nice you have nice dinners to go to and enjoy. We are so proud of you and rejoice that you have the opportunities you each have. YOu both look real nice!
Love - Mom