Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finals, Boats, and Cabo

John and I have finally suffered through the rest of our finals. Actually, John has one more tomorrow morning, but we decided we were done studying. I will blame my finals for not being able to post as much as I would like. That and the fact that our camera has been "temperamental" lately. Anyway, our semester ends December 15. So, naturally, December 16 we are off to Cabo. We and the rest of the Anderson family are going to be staying a Gail's place near the beach. Of course that will feel like home to John, me, Steve, Vicki and Joe.

In between the tests, we were able to squeeze in a small Christmas trip. I guess that is one advantage of not knowing very many people. John and I get out an do activities we probably wouldn't participate in otherwise. We have been to several of the local events this year. They have been surprisingly fun even for antisocial people. Consequently, we spent Saturday evening in Kemah with our Bible Study leaders and their daughter. Kemah was having a parade of the boats. The boats were all decorated with Christmas lights and there was a prize for first place. Besides seeing some amazing yachts, there was alot of creativity. Take a look at these:In other news, John and I are happy to report that we are NOT moving. In a wonderful turn of events, the source of the problem moved before we had to. That was a huge relief to us. It will save us quite a bit of time and money.


the fredin's said...

YEA! I am glad for you that you are not having to move...maybe you can stay in ks longer??? pa-pa-pa-please??? :) i didn't realize you were going to cabos this early!! well have a great time, since i wont get to talk to you before then!! i will see you guys in like 11 days!! yea! have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures!! i'm jealous ;)

the fredin's said...

just so you notice, all of my comments are pretty much from the same person...glad you are having a good time! cant wait to see pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

John and Erika-
YOu are in Cabos now, having a great time I'm sure. The photos of the boats are neat. We are sure glad you don't have to move. Love you and see you soon.