Saturday, December 23, 2006

From Cabo to Kansas....

John and I arrived home from Cabo last night at 2 am. We are leaving again today for Kansas around noon. Here are a few pictures of our Cabo trip fo your viewing pleasure:


the fredin's said...

I LOVE those pictures!! Thanks for posting. I have been checking every day, hoping that you would have posted something :). It looks like it was amazing! I can't wait until we can go sometime! Can't wait to see you guys! Only 4 more days!!

Anonymous said...

wow....great pics... see yousoon!
love aunt marchel

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to have you home for a few days. We really enjoyed our time with John and You. You both look so good and seem to very much in love. I think that is great!!!!

Thanks for the gift card. Sorry it go lost in some of the opening. We love it and will think of you when using it.

Trust you make it home safe and sound. Have you sharpened any knives yet?

Love you,
Grandma Butch

Anonymous said...

Great to see those wonderful pictures - better to see you in person! We always enjoy seeing you and hearing about your achievements - we are so proud of you! Love to you all....McNabb's