Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mardi Gras Galveston Weekend #1

This weekend kicked off Mardi Gras in Galveston and New Orleans. For the first day of festivities, there was a parade on the Seawall from 14th to 61st. John and I were lucky enough to have our apartment close enough that we did not have to find a parking space. We just walked. It started at 6 pm and did not get to where we were (at the end) until almost 8:30 pm! We went with another MD/PhD student, Jason, and his girlfriend. Jason is from New Orleans so he has experienced many a Mardi Gras. The parade mostly consisted of floats like the one above with people throwing beads and marching bands. Here are some pictures of us (by us I mean John) jocking for beads.......
John jumps over his friends to reach the beads. According to Jason and his girlfriend, in New Orleans there are a ton of people pushing you away to get to the beads.

Here I show off my gazillion beads with the featured medallion: "Registered Texan". How did I get all of those beads anyway????

Finally, I got John to put on some beads and take a picture. That was a rare treat.

Next weekend is supposed to be the best parade. It is on the Strand, but is costs $20 just to walk on the Strand. We have not decided if we want to go yet, but everyone says that it is the best one in Galveston.


the fredin's said...

I don't know Erika how DID you get all those beads??? ;) That looks like fun. We are having a great time in Grand Rapids!! We went and walked on Lake Michigan was totally frozen over!! it looked like we were in Antartica. i am going to post on the blog soon with some pics...Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Erika and John,
Looks liike you had a good experience. I enjoy getting pictures of you and John. I miss you.

Love, Grandma Butch

auntee_m said...

gloves? is it really that cold? :) looks like a lot of fun. miss you guys.

erindanielle said...

erika did you get those beads?? :)