Sunday, February 25, 2007

Road Trip

John and I took a spontaneous road trip this weekend to Austin. Upon John suggestion, we decided to get away and it was agreed that he would leave all his books behind. Of course, I could not pass up the opportunity.
It was a short trip, but fun. We left Friday night and returned Saturday night. Although it was fleeting, still, we were able to fit in a few activities. As with most of our trips, the most exciting part is scoping out a good place to eat. On the top of the list was Rudy's BBQ store. This is a BBQ restaurant unique to Texas that was introduced to me by the Anderson side of the family. John and I love the brisket.
Then, we visited Zilker Park alongside Town Lake. We took a walk to work off our BBQ, which was worth every calorie. There was alot of activity around the park that day. We managed to find a part that was not too populated, where John took some time to commune with nature. Of course, there was a little bit of time to disrupt nature as well.... Here you see the beginnings of this duck attacking John. Eventually, John was forced to kick him off in a not-so-gentle- manner. Next, we went over to the Blanton Museum of Art on the University of Texas campus. They had an interesting exhibit called the Geometry of Hope that John and I actually really enjoyed. This was my first time (that I recall) going to an art museum like this. This art was themed around Latin American artists and, of course, geomtery. I learned alot about art. Of course, we could not take our cameras in, but there was a sculpture outside the Museum of a Gibson guitar. This was a promotional event that Austin was doing while we were there called Guitartown.Finally, we ended the day with a nap in the park, dinner at a Tex-mex place in downtown Austin, and the drive back home.


Anonymous said...

Yay! That looks like so much fun! Dont you love spontaneous road trips?? I'm glad that you guys got to get away for a little bit, and John without his books...impressive :) Looks like a lot of fun. We miss you guys!! Are you planning on coming home over the weekend in spring break we had talked about??

Anonymous said...

Great getaway! Looks like it was nice and relaxing. Good plan John!
Mom Ensz

kellie said...

i hope the house searching went well today!! you will have to let me know what you found. we had another opportunity pop up today, which is an awesome it is just amazing me how God just keeps blessing us...hopefully this one works out!