Saturday, March 24, 2007

Livin' for the Weekend

John and I have been livin' for the weekend. The last two weekends we have gotten out of the house to have some fun. I enjoyed every minute, mostly because these were the two weekends on either end of my Spring Break.
The first weekend we went up up to Houston for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with a couple of people from our Bible Study. The Houston Rodeo last for 3 weeks, and has country music performers every night following the rodeo. For this evening, it was Kansas-native Martina McBride. The rodeo is located in Reliant Stadium- the same place were the Houston Texans play. It was huge.
Here you see two other couples from our Galveston Small Group before we got to the Rodeo. Kevin, Meghan, and 10 month old Kaitlyn Flemmons and Steven and Brittany Potter. You might remember Meghan was my training partner for the Houston Marathon.
Mock creation of the cotton fields as one of the exhibits in the Livestock Show. I took this picture for Grandpa Butch and dad's sake, but don't get too excited the cotton is fake.
Bull riding
Calf roping competition in Reliant Stadium.
John and I with the carnival in the background. This was after the rodeo and the concert were over. The entire Rodeo is set up more like the state fair in Kansas. There are restaurants set up for dining, carnival rides, livestock competitions, machinery, etc. The Rodeo is actually only a small portion of what you can see at the Rodeo.

The second weekend my family came to visit from Kansas. They also wanted to see the rodeo, so we drove to Houston to see Brooks and Dunn perform. Unfortunately, we got there after the
rodeo was finished so we did not see any competitions.
Annette and I are waiting for the Houston METRO to give us a ride to Reliant Park.
Dad found his dream truck while at the Rodeo. It was the new 2007 Chevy Silverado with an Allison automatic and diesel. Did I say it right dad? He must have really wanted that truck because he kept trying to get inside even though the doors were locked. The only hang up was the $41,000 price tag.
Dathan's new career as a NASA trained astronaut. He was the only person over the age of five that even tried to fit in the suit.
Family picture on the last even there were here. Notice the new addition- Elizabeth Bishop, Dathan's girlfriend.
And what is a trip to Galveston without a trip to the beach. We spent part of the afternoon Monday soaking up the sun. There were a few brave souls willing to try out the water. In fact, the visitors spent much more time in the water the the local Galvestonians. Check out the video mom made of the family.


Mom said...

John and Erika-
We had a great time in Galveston. I've thought several times today of the good time it was! The video even plays on our computer! thanks for the great pictures.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

John and Erika,

You did a great job on your blog. I have been checking it each day to see if you had updated it.

I enjoyed the video. It was fun to watch.

Good pictures and love to you both.
Grandpa enjoyed the pictures too.

Grandma and Grandpa Butch

Kellie said...

it looks like you have had a lot of fun the past two weekends!! I can't wait until we can come down and see you guys! we had a great time at home, i will soon update with a lot of pictures, and pics of our new house!

the fredin's said...

so, i have pictures up of our house now...just thought i'd let you know!

the fredin's said...

your pretty much is my dream come true...for now :) at least until we buy a house!! then THAT will be my dream come true!! :) Glad you liked the pictures. Love you!