Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Same 'ol, same 'ol

I have been waiting to post anything new until something exciting happened. However, that does not seem to be in the plans for the future......So, here is what has been happening with us in the mundane, recent weeks.
Since Spring Break, it has been mostly studying for both John and me. He had a midterm in Neuroscience and Human Behavior and did excellent as usual. He got number 2. I on the other hand counted that I have 9 tests in the 8 weeks following Spring Break, so I am just looking forward to the end of finals.
We both have been spending quite a bit of our time on our respective research projects. John has a poster presentation on April 26 and 27. It is the National Student Research Forum and it will be held at UTMB. He is presenting based on his Sascin project from the summer. I have also be working on a poster presentation that will be held at the Pediatric Society of Research meeting in Toronto. Although my PI is presenting the data, I have been completing alot of the background data collection and analysis.
In other news, we signed the lease on the house we are going to rent today. We decided on the one close to UTMB. Our lease will start May 1, but we will probably move slowly over the month of May as we have a month of overlap. Here is the picture to refresh your memory: Other than that, I have been filling my spare time by trying to prepare new recipes often. Also, my running partner and I decided to train for a Triathlon in July. It should be an interesting challenge since I do not technically swim. Also, neither one of us have a bike. We want to do the one in Irving, TX. It is called the Iron Girl. It is short length Triathlon. I thought that a routine of swimming and biking would help the rehab on my knee.
As for John's spare time..... well there is none. I did coax him out of the house for an Easter meal out at Saltgrass this weekend. I do that occasionally so that he gets some fresh air, and so that I can have a date.
Well, here's to hoping something exciting happens in the next couple weeks. So long.


Kellie said...

Well, I also have been waiting for something exciting to happen to update, but it doesn't look like those opportunities are happening in Indiana either :). A triathalon?? Wow!! Thats awesome!! Now, swimming is what I CAN do! That would be more my thing. Sounds like you guys are really busy with homework. good thing you are getting john out for fresh air every once and a while :). I'm sure I will talk to you soon! Love you guys! (only 12 more days of work for me left!!! i am just a little excited :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Hang in there - school will soon have a small break. I looked at the triatholon website - looks like fun!
Annette still thinks you;re crazy!

Annette said...

your posts are getting funnier. i have to commend you on your vocabulary usage, because it is really rather stellar. words like "mundane" made this post fun to read and expressed expressly what you were thinking. oh, and contrary to mom's last statement, i do not think that you are crazy. i think you are absolutely, positively, without question, NUTS for wanting to swim over 3 miles... but that's just me. i'm sure you'll do great with it. mom says we'll be there to watch. if you need to identify me, i'll be the one with the life preserver...

Cristy said...
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Cristy said...

erika, you are so ambitious. I'm proud of you! what would it take for John to do one? Prob. more than mom and I have put together! (especially one called IRON GIRL!) well, I'm off to take my test over horror-mones. thank John for his help :)

Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

You gotta get John out more! For your sake! :)
Miss you lots; hope to maybe see you sometime this summer.
love Aunt Marchel

Anonymous said...

John and Erika,
So good to hear from you. I just finished mowing the yardl It was rather cool out, but I got the job done. I found your blog to be very interesting. Hang in there it is all worth it!!
Love you both,
Grandma Butch

kellie said...

look who's rackin up the comments now?! :) talk to you soon!!