Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Long time, no post

Contrary to how it appears on our blog, we have not been in California for 3 weeks. We wish! John and I have been back in Texas since June 3. We are busily back into the swing of things. Here is what’s coming up for us:
John starts back to medical school classes on Monday. This is the cardiovascular-pulmonary section. He is not too excited about it. He has spent the last 8 weeks in the lab- his first love. However, he recently completed a wonderful presentation to the Neurology faculty about is research project. He has one more presentation coming up on Friday and then he will be done with his summer rotation.
I am taking a night class on Organic Chemistry. On Thursday I will be half done. It actually has been much better than I thought it was going to be. Of course, it helps to have John around. J Meghan and I have started our training for the Ironbabe- a triathalon in Houston. I have not signed up yet because I need to see how well the swimming training goes.
Finally, for those of you in Kansas, we are planning a trip home from June 28 to July 1. We will mostly be there to visit family, but hope to catch some time with friends too. We looking forward to seeing people and the hometown scenery- like Dad's wheat fields and Gracen. Check out more pictures of the cutie at


Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

isn't that a great wheat field picture? hope to get away from our weekend enough for a quick hello! love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I heard that the organic chemistry class is going much better than just OK. Congratulations on the 100% on the test. You two continue to amaze me. Great picture of Gracen isn't it! I wish I could come home when you guys are there but I must wait for Molly.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to hear that you will be home in a little while. I don't know why but you both have been on my mind and in my prayers alot lately.
Grandpa is going in for more Mri's on his back June 29. I hope they can find something to help him. He is in pain all the time.
Your Dad and Annette were here for lunch. It is always great to have them here.
Love to you both,
GRandma Butch

Anonymous said...

Which cutie? Dad or Gracen? Great picture of Gracen.
congrats on the 100% on the 2nd test! :) Mr. Brown would be proud!!Tell John cardiac and pulmonary might bore him!!Actually it's a fascinating system created by the Master creator.
Love, Mom

the fredin's said...

It was so good to see you guys this weekend. We miss you! Hope you had a good trip back. I'm glad we could at least get together a couple times despite our family reunion :)....which actually went very well :). hope to see you guys again soon. love you!