Wednesday, July 04, 2007

There's No Place Like Kansas!

John and I had a quick trip back to Kansas to see family last weekend. It was great. We mostly went our seperate ways, but we did join back up on Sunday. We flew into Wichita on Thursday night and got up bringht and early for breakfast with the Mosiman's. Then John, Gracen, and Cristy left fo Great Bend and I stayed behind in Whitewater. The focus of our visit with to spend time with our ailing grandpas. Although that is a depressing reason to go home, it was good to see them and family. Here are some pictures:
Kellie and me
Grandma and Grandpa Butch and me
Fun with GracenThe Whole Ensz Family

The Best Picture of the Day! Look closely at all of my lovely aunts, uncle, and dad.


Cristy said...

that last picture--hilarious! It was so fun to see you guys. I'm bummed I didn't get my camera out at all in Great Bend. Gracen was exhausted by Sunday night. We had to go through the usual "detox." She loves her uncle John, though!

Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

love the pictures! it was so nice to see you both....
i'll send you some pics from last weekend, i have some really good ones.
i love your whole Ensz fam picture and am really Enjoying the aunts and uncles pic! :)
So glad you could come.
love aunt marchel

Joe said...

It appears I have suffered a minor to mid-sized setback in the favorite uncle contest. I'll have to turn it up a notch the next time I see her. And, John, stop cheating by going to see her more often than I do!

Anonymous said...

Your blog was fun. It was good to see you all and get to spend some time together. Love you
Grandma Butch

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - everyone likes Dad's picture!

the fredin's said...

oh it was so great to see you guys. I am going to look at my work schedule and check to see when we might be able to come down. We can't wait!! I will let you know what weekend we are looking at to make sure it works with you guys. Probably early fall. Love you guys!