Sunday, August 19, 2007


I am an Ironbabe and a triathlete. How empowering to say, but it is probably a little dramatic! Meghan and I did run our first sprint triathlon this morning. It was a 300 meter swim, 11 mile bike ride, and 5 K run. It was a short distance so that it why it is called a sprint- might because we went fast the whole time! Here is how our weekend went:Saturday
3:00 pm Kevin and Meghan pick us up in the pouring rain to go get race information. We are hoping this is not the way the race will go.
4:30 pm Pick up packets for the triathlon
5:30 pm Arrive at the hotel in Houston
7:00 pm Go to supper at Olive Garden for a good pre-race pasta meal. I think it is true what they say about pasta before a race, but it might also be an excuse to eat alot of food.
10:00 pm Go to bed
5:00 am Wake up and prepare for the race
5:30 am Leave for Alexander Duessen Park
6:00 am Receive our chip, get our body markings, prepare our transition stations, and scout out the competition(My supportive husband. Thanks for coming along and getting up early John. )
7:00 am The race starts. I was in a wave before Meghan because I was in a different age group. First was the swim. This is definitely my worst part. Since everyone was so close together, they kept running into you and pulling you under water. This was an added element I did not count on. And I am a beginner swimmer. Somehow, I made it back to land.Then the bike. The bike went well. There was only one small incident where I had my helmet on backwards and a nice guy help me put it on straight. Then the sympathy cries started for "number 19". It was embarrassing, but it was also my own fault because that was the first time I had put my helmet on. However, if you ask anyone from the race, it was because everything was going so fast, not ignorance. :)(This is a picture of the transition station.)
Finally the run. The run only took us 24 minutes which we were both very happy with considering the fact that we had just done a work out. We did not train for 8 minute miles, so it must had been the adrenaline. Also, this was the first time I had run 3 miles at once since the half marathon because of my knee injury. Right now it still feels OK, but I think the true test will come tomorrow.9:25 Cross the finish line9:30 Head to the Pavilion for free Marble Slab ice cream (Anyone who know me knows that is the best reward I could get), Applebees, and Breakfast BurritosThe results
We finished in under 1 hour and 1/2. I heard that there were 400-450 women in the competition and they ranged from ages 10-72. If I had to guess I would say that the average age was around 35-40. I came in 9th for my age group, but there could have been 9 people in my group for all I know. As for whether or not we will do it again, during the race we said to each other definitely not, but now I am not so sure. I might give it another try. My body feels much better after this race compared to the half marathon.


the fredin's said...

that is awesome erika!! i am so proud of you!! looks like it was fun. you give me motivation to actually try to get into shape, you look awesome.

Erika said...

As one of the signs in the half marathon said, I workout so that I can eat chocolate.

AnnetteJo said...

i would like to point out that, in my opinion, i would rather sit in a chair like Kellie and have someone prick my skin with needles to get a tattoo than to exercise for 1 1/2 hours in a day. if i ever put in anywhere around 13 miles of activity, i'll let you know. but i'm sure i wouldn't diliberately do that. your ambition is outstanding and i think that 9th place of out of the ten year olds is pretty good. you always were the best athlete of me and you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time! Great job, by the way. Anything for chocolate, right? We tried to pick you out of those swimmers, but gave up! By the way, John looks quite proud and very wide awake!

Love, Mom and Dad

Darwin said...

I am proud of you. Darwin Stoesz

the fredin's said...

Well thank you for teaching john how to say our last kind of is a difficult one, i could say how he could get tripped up :) (a little sarcasm there) that is hilarious...i got a pretty good laugh when i read that at work!

erindanielle said...

you amaze me. really. and i agree with kellie you look incredible. makes me want to try one, if i could get past the hate i have for long distance running, maybe i could swing it.

annette... i just love you. you make me smile.

love you erika! keep working hard...i start pre season conditioning soon, yikes!

Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

way to go Erika! Wow! The only way to top Annette's comment is to get a tatto AND be a trialthelete! I'm sure someone could do a biker with a backwards helmet.....just for the memories! :)
love you...Way to go John on Award # what? I have seriously lost count!

Anonymous said...

Wow I think you know how I amazed I am at this event you just took part in!! I wish I could say you were a girl after my own heart!!! Ha Ha Ha!! Congratulations!!! I hope everything is going well down there!!! Love~ Brittany

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the race! You are quite the inspiration--now I want to go work out and get in shape! Hope you are recovered from your summer classes and that the hurricane threats go away for awhile!

Melanie-Pearl said...

just popped in to tell you congrats! (glad the hurricane is gonna ease up on TX.)