Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seymour-Fisher Award

Some of you may know that John won the Seymour Fisher Award for Excellence in Neuroscience. Although he was notified of the award a few months ago, he received the official award this past Monday at the White Coat Ceremony and Award Program for Medical Students. Basically, he was given the reward because he wrote a paper about a research project he did in the summer. He tied for first with graduating medical students. He received some cash, had to give a presentation for faculty, and this certificate. Here he is given the award by dean Dr. Thomas. I am so proud of him. It was really fun to go back to the same ceremony that started his medical school career last year and to see him get an award. I remember wondering back then how the next year was going to go. He has been far more successful than we ever expected.
Still, the rigors of medical school is starting to take its toll. John does not enjoy all the time he has to spend studying. He is getting burned out on school, and I can see that he would much rather be in the lab. Also, he continues to take on additional programs while he is dong medical school. He will be applying for his own grant and starting graduate school classes next week. He has a test on Friday and then it is vacation for us. Please say a prayer for him as he finishes this phase of school.


Anonymous said...

John, We are so proud of you! One year left and then the constant studying part will be over. Erika, We're proud of you too! You both have worked so hard. See you next week. Love, Mom(Vicki)

Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

Congrats John! So glad you (both) are related to me! :)
Hug your beautiful wife for me.

Anonymous said...

i miss you both! we'll say a prayer! love ya, and see ya soon! Cristy

Anonymous said...

Today is the last day of those med. classes for now! We are glad for you, hope you enjoy a very relaxing vacation. Looking forward to seeing you both.
Mom Ensz

the fredin's said...

We will be praying for you guys!! Can't wait to see you! Love you!

Anonymous said...

This is great!! It is time for Grandma and Grandpa to bust their buttons. You both are precious to us and we will be praying for a safe trip. We are looking forward to seeing you this next week. Remember God is our protector in the car or whereever we are!!!
Grandma B