Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cheers to the Birthday Boy!

John celebrated his 24th birthday yesterday. Well, it was actually more like I celebrated John's birthday while he was depressed because "a third of his life was over". For some reason, he was really melodramatic. It must be the age!
Not to worry because he was quickly cheered up with the gifts and cards he received from family and friends. He mostly has received money which he plans to spend on a week of birthday dinners. He has a list of places he wants to go celebrate. I thought it was a great idea too. We could get free desserts from each restaurant!Money is a good gift because what else can you get a man who spends his life reading science books for entertainment? However, a wife can not give the gift of money for obvious reasons. So from me, he received an EcoSphere. It is a self-contained ecosystem which tiny shrimp, vegetation, and water. It is perfectly combined so that the system will last for years inside of a glass ball. It will be a tourist attraction in itself.


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool eco system. I blew it up so I could see the tiny shrimp. Well almost. Happy birthday John. The best is yet to come. Love, Mom

Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

happy birthday john! my gift hasn't arrived yet...figured i would just spread out the gift giving a little! :)
good thing erika gave you the ecosystem, that way if galveston ever lacks for tourist spots you will be set@!
Happy birthday 2 days late!
aunt marchel

jeremy said...

oh man, i never thought that we've used up so much of our lives john. when we come down for thanksgive we should go through a 1/3 life crisis and buy a new car or something to make us feel cool.

Anonymous said...

John -
You look delighted with that ecosystem! Neat. Growing up is so fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope your birthday was fun. Sounds like it was. Now I can assure you that you are still a very young man. When you get as old as Grandpa and I, then you have to have a pity party.
Love you,
Grandma Butch