Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Now Declare a War on Lizards!

In Kansas, you deal with spiders. In Wyoming, you have bears. In Arkansas, you have snakes. In Texas, all I get is lizards. For a while, we had a resident lizard that I saw outside our house almost everyday. It was a little weird, but at least it was outside. Well, now they are inside. I have no idea what to do about. You can't really kill them because they aren't harmful. You can't chase them out because they are too fast. I don't think there is any way to spray for them. And today a new element was presented- they camouflage with their surroundings. See how the little guy blends in with our green shower curtain. If being in the house is not bad enough, they have been spotted recently on the printer, in the ice cream maker, and one time in my pants as I was trying to put them on. It is really unnerving when they crawl down your leg or you pick something up and you feel something else wiggle in your hand. Enough is enough and something must be done. This is war!


Anonymous said...

Whew! That is a problem - will let you know of any solutions we hear of. Oooh, crawling on your leg - gives me the chills! I am glad they aren't spiders, but they need to stay outside. Maybe there is some kind of plant for your porch they could be attracted to instead of in your house!!

the fredin's said...

Pretty sure I would FREAK out if one was in my pants when I put them on! For some reason I don't feel bad killing spiders here, but killing a lizard seems kind of harsh. Well good luck with your problem. Sorry I don't have any ideas for you!
Oh, and I didn't know my husband put that comment on your blog until after it was there. Sorry, he can be a bad influence sometimes :). I agree, there better be no new toys when we get back from Schlitterbahn...which by the way, I am SOOO excited for!

Anonymous said...

Erika and John,
Surely John can find a remedy for the lizards. I think I would kill them...maybe with a hoe or something like that. In fact, I would have Grandpa do that.

I sure will check mypants to be sure there are no crawing bugs in tham.
Grandma Butch

UTMB Boss said...

You should spread red chilli powder around your house. That will teach them a lesson.

Cristy said...

so speaking of intruders - we have a mouse problem. one eating off the granola bar wrapper in our room, running through the kitchen and disappearing under the stove. I knew it was bad when Gracen yelled at me to come in her room this morning, because "there's a squirrel under there!!!" (her dresser) yeah, she talked about it all day. so we set up 4 traps tonight to take care of our "squirrel" problem.