Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ships Ahoy!

John and I went to some friend's house this evening to carve pumpkins and have a potluck. We were not expecting to make a masterful work of art, but that is just what happened. We started it together, but eventually he took over. He saw it as a challenge. He thought it was something like neurosurgery. Everything is a competition! Anyway, we are proud of our creation. We will be displaying our "scary" pirate's ship for our trick-or-treaters this week. Hopefully, we will have some, but if nothing else we know that Katelin is coming over for Cheerios and fruit.


the fredin's said...


erindanielle said...

good to see others are carving pumpkins too! i hope all is well...see ya soon!

Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

wow! that is SO COOL! can't wait to see what John does with a turkey!

Melanie-Pearl said...

You two crack me up! Surely there's something you're not that good at? :)

Your ship is the coolest!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing pumpkin - Dathan even got out of bed to see it! on my insistence!! That is really neat. Maybe you'll come up with a good "hobby" that doubles as fun and a stress buster!!

Annette Jo said...

Hey John -
take a picture if you ever carve that in somebody's head. that would be sweet.
Hey Erika - hi. your hubby has good ideas. you should listen to him more often. hahahaha... i think John has a leg up on his class. he can carve ships... they can only write their names.

the fredin's said...

Time for a birthday update!! :)