Saturday, November 17, 2007

Erika's 23rd Birthday

I celebrated my 23rd birthday this week (on November 13 for those of you who forgot). I had a nice day. There was a small birthday cake and party for me at work and John and I went out to one of my favorite restaurants on the beach. I received lots of great gifts and cards from everyone. Most of what I received was gift certificates and money which was perfect. I had been working on buying a few things to decorate the house so the money and gift cards went a long way.
John's present to me was neither of the above. He gave me a nightstand complete with an alarm clock and lamp. I had been living without all three since we moved because my old one was converted into our TV stand. I love it. Here I am laying in bed enjoying my present- plus some flowers John gave me. Thanks to everyone who sent me something.
In other news, John and I (mostly me) have been working all day to get ready for our Thanksgiving guests this week. My entire Mosiman side is coming- aunt, uncle, cousins, mom, dad, brother, sister, and grandparents. It is going to be a blast. I am so excited to have them and I am excited to try my hand at Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, we will not be having turkey. We prefer to support our family trade and eat beef!


Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

We are so excited to come this week! Don't work too hard... we'll be there to help.
I'm so glad you had a nice birthday, I'll bring your present along.
Love you

the fredin's said...

You sure do look good next to that night stand! :) Well we cannot wait to come!! We will see you TOMORROW! (Sorry we are getting there so late!)

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful husband you have. I am writing this while we are in Galveston, haven't had time to read your blog till now. By the way - great thanksgiving dinner!!