Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two Showers, Two Graduations, Two Parties, a Mother's Day Get-Together, and a Niece Playdate

How is that for a high-impact weekend? While John and I were in Kansas last weekend, we attended two showers, two graduations, two graduation parties, one mother's day celebration, and one essential niece playdate. Whew!
It all started Friday. I left the house at 4 am to get to the airport. After some flight delays, I actually ended up on a different flight which got in 1 hour earlier than it was supposed to. That was a sign for a good weekend to come (or maybe God just knew I was already overcommitted for this weekend and an extra hour would help). That evening Erin, Annette, and I with alot of help from other family members hosted a shower for Elizabeth (my future sister-in-law) and Kellie (my cousin).
The hostesses and honor guests after a full night of eating sugar (From L to R, my sister Annette, me, my cousin Erin, cousin Kellie, and sister-in-law Elizabeth).The finished dessert bar. We had the two showers back to back. All in all we hosted about 50 women. This is the panic before Aunt Marchel got home and saw what a disaster her house was. Her "freak out" when she walked is now famous, but priceless.Kellie may kill me for this picture, but we had to have some time between showers to take a load off.The honored couples.

The next phase of the weekend was graduation parties and ceremonies. My cousin Cathryn and my sister Annette both graduated. They were the last ones on both sides of my family. They will actually go on the be roommates next year at Sterling College. I forgot my camera for Cathryn's graduation, but here are some from Annette's. I tried to tell her to smile sweetly, but the girl has a mind of her own. I suppose that is not all bad. That trait will probably serve the girl just fine in college.
She received exactly what she wanted for graduation- an iBook. Shortly after receiving her diploma.
The extended Ensz family was fortunate enough to be together for Mother's Day including Grandma Ensz. Here is John and me with my mom. Happy Mother's Day mom! PLAYDATE
Finally, what trip to Kansas is complete without a playdate with the nieces? We went over to Lorin and Sandee's to play and catch up with the Trusketts.


Anonymous said...

It was a great time!!! Have you recuperated?
Mom Ensz

Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

Thanks for the reminder of why I have still been tired all week! :) It was so much fun! I finally found my camera cord so I hope to get some pics of gradution and then SOON of the grandbaby up!

the fredin's said...

Ah...it was so great to see you guys!! We miss you so much! Now that I am laid up at home, I wish you were still here and we could have more time to hang out! :) Those are all such good pictures! The shower was amazing...thank you SO SO much for all of the hard work you put into it. I know it was a lot to squeeze into one weekend..you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you both. We are always glad to see you. We miss you both. You did a super job on the parties. See you again soon I hope.
Grandma Butch

Kevin said...

Looks like y'all had a fun-filled weekend. Glad you got to see everyone.