Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hurricane Season is Here!

This is the latest picture from the NOAA National Hurricane Center. Needless to say, it looks like Galveston has the potential for an interesting couple of weeks. Gustav is supposed to make landfall any where from TX to LA on Tuesday, and Hanna has a potential to enter the gulf. Not to mention the other THREE potential tropical storms that are out there now. When I saw this pictures I was surprised at all the activity in the Atlantic. Yikes! John is even required to pack up all the equipment in his lab to prepare for Gustav.


the fredin's said...

Holy cow! That is a lot of possibilities for tropical storms/hurricanes! Keep us updated! That could make life a lot more exciting over the next few days..although I really don't think you guys need much more excitement in your lives :)

aunteem said...

So when John packs up all the stuff where does he take it? :)
I didn't realize there were more storms right behind this one. We'll be keeping our EYES on you!
AND..can you believe your baby sister is in college! I almost cried this morning!

Kirsten said...

Prayed for you two about your tropical storms and hurricanes and craziness. I suppose you mostly got rained on. School ok?