Friday, December 05, 2008

Update on Life

I realize that I have not posted an entry in several weeks. I have several excuses, but we won't go there. However, I finally have a break of 1 week between tests so I am sitting on the couch watching the news at 9 am. Yippee! Anyway, here is an update on life.
-Submitted a paper for publication to the journal, Bioinformatics. It was over some anaylsis of the protein that he is studying in the lab, Sacsin. He mostly did computer analysis to make images of the protein and look for unique segments of the amino acid sequence. We are hoping it will be accpeted for publication. It made it through the first phase, but it out for review now.
-Had a dry patch for experiments. He is starting to attack his project differently. You will have to ask him in your are interested because I don't understand. The bottom line is the protein is too big to clone in its entirety and the segments he has tried to clone he can not get into a form that it usable.
-Spends most of his time at home reading SciFi books. He has been through several since the hurricane.
-Mostly doing school. PA school is busy, but the end is in sight. Finals start December 12 and end December 19. I have 8 finals.
-I really enjoy what I am learning and feel I am confirmed that this is the career for me.
-I have started volunteering to give free health care at a Christan street ministry on Saturdays. It is called the Luke Society and I really am enjoying it. It helps me with the withdrawl from the HIV clinic.


aunteem said...

happy friday you two! my gosh Erika...8 finals is a bit much! maybe john can break away from his sci fi long enough to quiz you! :)
miss you will be so nice to see you at Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love you both
Grandma Butch

Marcia said...

I like the new look of the blog. Finals ahead !!! Then relief!
By the way - did anyone tell you that you will make a great PA?

the fredin's said...

Love the new blog look. Very nice. I am just so excited for you that you are enjoying PA school so much. You are going to be great! And you are right...I don't understand what John is doing in his experiments, but that probably just means it is really really cool. Can't wait to see you guys sure deserve all the breaks you can get.