Thursday, December 11, 2008

White Coat Ceremony Take 2

You may remember at that start of John's medical school UTMB had a ceremony for all the medical students to receive their white coats. Well, they have the same for PA school too. This year it was delayed to the end of the semester, but it finally happened yesterday. The ceremony is really just a formal welcome to the profession and taking an oath to protect and respect patients. Here are the pictures:

John and me in our white coats:

John and me at the ceremony:

Janna (a friend from my class) and me:

It is nice the class is so small because I know almost everyone in my class. Here is the class of 2010:

Receiving my white coat (I messed up the picture trying to lighten it- thats why it looks funny):

Click here for an AAPA article about our class.


the fredin's said...

Oh congratulations Erika!! That is awesome. You and John look good in your white coats together! Does it seem much more official now?

Marcia said...

I am so proud of you Erika. I love you,
Thanks John for the pictures!

Dathan and Elizabeth said...

That is so cool you had a white coat ceremony! I wish we all could of been there.
I wonder if Dental Hygienists have white coat ceremonies?! :)

grandmabutch said...

What a good looking couple!!! We are proud of both of you. I appreciate your notes and pictures so very much! We wish we could have been there with you. See you soon.
Love, Grandma Butch

Anonymous said...

We're so proud of you. You look great in the white coat and will be an outstanding PA. Wish we could have been there. Love, Vicki

km said...

Not to be left out with all the nice comments! Way to go girl! Love ya!

Stella the Fellow said...

I am so proud of u Erica. U will make an awesome PA and I know that first hand.. U rock!!

I just got back to UTMB this week , Michelle and I went out for lunch, we miss u and Deb, tis not the same at all!!!

Stella the fellow said...

Oops spelt your name wrong (again) ..:-(
Still proud of u!!!