Tuesday, January 27, 2009

School and Free Time?

Well, it is officially back to school for John and me. I have my first test of the semester tomorrow. John is give a presentation right now, even I as type this. I took some pictures to give you a glimpse into our free time.

Yes, these are pictures of the lab.

Yes, I spend my free/study time in the lab so that I can be around John. I suppose it is because, as his boss says, his presence is calming. Well that, and I love my husband.

John spends his time running around the lab doing experiments. Although, don't tell John that is what he is doing. He has the perception that he has not done a single experiment for the last 6 months. Still, somehow he is always working.

You will also note the strict rules he adheres to in the lab. Did you notice it in the picture? His water bottle is right next to the radioactive waste. He insists that it will cause not harm, but I am not convince. I have requested a few times that he move his desk away from the radioactive waste and the radioactive hood behind him. Please John for the sake of our children!

Finally, I go to the lab because I like to view the harbor from there. As you can see, it was a hazy day, but still a nice view to see at work everyday.

So, this gives you an idea of what graduate students do in the evenings and on the weekends. John works in the lab so that he has something to do while I am studying. I go up to the lab to study so I can be with him and so the cycle continues.
It is not as bad as I make it out to be though. In all honesty, I am going to study renal physiology on the beach...


the fredin's said...

Study on the beach huh? Well today I had to get Liam out in the ice and snow...I am jealous. Real jealous. I REALLY wish that it worked for us to come down over spring break. I am going to try to make it a priority to get down there this summer..even though it will be really hot then :)

The Wertenberger Family said...

I think you are right on about moving his desk away from the radioactive waste. I noticed his hair has gotten shorter... I don't miss studying, but sometimes I wish I was out of the real world and back in school. Check our blog today to see what the real world looks like!

grandmabutch said...

John and Erika,
So good to get your update on the blog. We enjoy following you around and seeing what you are up to!! Take care we love you very very very much.
Grandma Butch Grandpa Too

Marcia said...

Great idea to study on the beach! Bad idea to put a water bottle by the radioactive waste, however I will admit that I do trust John's judgment! Good luck on that renal physiology test! and keep up the good work on those projects in the lab John!

Cristy said...

You and John look so good! Thanks for the nice note :O) We miss you both so much.