Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Toast to the Post: A one hundredth blog tribute

How can I let this momentous occasion go unnoticed! The blog has been a part of our life for 2 and 1/2 years now. One hundred posts! Now, it is time to toast it for its wonderful ability to communicate with family and friends around the country. In a great literary feat (and a chance to avoid studying), I have made a poem about our time with the blog.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Without the blog in our lives
Whatever would we do?

From Cabo San Lucas
to Colorado with hukas
We've traveled far and wide
Taking pictures of life's ride

Capturing four of our homes
One dog with his bones
Two brothers with new brides
And some really long motorcycle rides

Holidays were popular topics
Because of their time away from our tropics
Then there was school, studies, and graduations
Followed many more vacations

You saw awards and races,
Some every day places,
Not to mention fun with Gracen and Molly
Which was always documented fully

And, oh yes, you may remember
One special post in September
Hurry, take what you can for a hike
You are about to get Iked!

So, ode to the blog
A faithful, dear friend
One hundred posts have come and gone
And we are still going strong!


The Wertenberger Family said...

As a newcomer to the blogging world, I feel unprepared to respond other than to say, "Here, here! Three cheers for Blogger!"

Anonymous said...

Erika, dear, you are a great poet and procrastinator... haha. Someday I'll grow up and be as cool as you, I hope.

Marcia said...

Such fine prose! Let's hear the next poem when you need a study break! Keep blogging - we sure do like it

Tim said...

I'm impressed: two and a half years, a nice poem, and I do believe I was mentioned. :) Keep on keepin' on. I enjoy reading.

aunteem said...

good thing you can write poetry in case the first career doesn't work out! :) hee! :)
you know I started my blog right after you moved and you and Melanie started blogs. It was a good way to keep in touch with 2 precious nieces. That is why my blog is called aunteem.

a little blog trivia!

grandmabutch said...

Great job on that poem. I'll give you an A*. I am trying to finish up my work at the church, so had a refreshing moment when I checked your blog. Love to you both

grandma butch