Monday, February 16, 2009

A Second Career?

We could not help but notice the interest dad took in science this weekend. We took him up to tour John's lab and to the Houston Museum of Natural Science for the Body World's Exhibit. In the lab, he understood more that I do about the mechanical theory of the machines and light refraction. He was fascinated by John's lab toys. These pictures say it all.
Learning about lab technique.

Who knows? He may get his name on a paper of John's for assisting. Here he is doing an e. coli resuspension. These bacteria are going to be used to express John's protein (sacsin) someday.

What guy doesn't like playing with fire?


Marcia said...

A second career - what a thought! Dad says he would have ALOT to learn to catch up with his teacher! He thoroughly enjoyed the lab.

aunteem said...

hmmm.....we should give him some kind of a cool side kick name...maybe farmer forensic fan...we could call him fffffff for short! :)

grandmabutch said...

Very interesting! Do you think Grandpa could understand a little of that? We are trying to schedule our trip if it is okay with you all, Love you very much
Grandma Butch