Friday, May 01, 2009

Update on Life

Just a few things about how life is going with John and me and what we have coming up.

-We will be moving into a new house off the island in 2 weeks. We are pleased we found a place, but I am sad to leave Galveston. I loved living here. We will be in between Houston and Galveston in Dickinson, TX.
-I got my clinical rotations schedule. It was amazing. I am so fortunate. I have one rotation that may end up being away from the Houston/Galveston area. Most of the other people in my class have 5-6 months away and they are moving to different places every month. The rotations start on June 29. My first 3 months are in the Texas Medical Center and after that I am around the Clear Lake/Galveston area.
-We just got back from a week long trip to see Steve and Vicki which was wonderful and relaxing. Joe and Becca met us out there. Yes, I was still in classes, but I had a strange break in the middle.
-John recently won a research award from the Sealy Center for Structural Biology.
-I have one week left of my Spring 2009 semester. I am in a class with the medical students right now, and I have a test on May 8. It really works out well for me because John has already been through this all. This summer semester will start May 11 and will mostly be devoted to learning skills like suturing, IVs, surgical techniques, ACLS, and proposing my Master's research project.
-John started his qualifier exams for his PhD today. This is the first of a handful of major steps that are required for him to get his degree. It was a surprise to us. He found out yesterday the test started today and he will be taking it for the next two weeks. He is a trooper about adjusting to these sudden situations, but it does look like it will be hard test.
-John will probably propose his PhD work this summer and be accepted into candidacy for the degree. He has to give a presentation to his committee and write a paper for that.
-John has also made alot of headway in the last month about his project. I would tell you about that but he is paranoid about people stealing his work and to be honest I don't understand what he is doing.

It seems like there are several other things up in the air but they are not coming to mind at the moment so this will have to do.


Marcia said...

Thanks for the great update! Way to go you two on your schooling and work. Congratulate John on that award!
Mom and Dad

grandmabutch said...

Yea!!! You are both great!! We are so proud of you and your work.
Glad you had a little break. Moving isn't fun but it sounds like a better place for you. Hang in there with those studies!
Grandma Butch

the fredin's said...

Thanks for the update! Glad your clinicals are close! I just need to give you a call soon so we can catch up :)

Kevin said...

I can't believe I have to catch up on y'all's life through the blog!! We really need to do dinner and catch up!! The days are going by so fast. Congrats on the new place and the award. I have a feeling John is going to find the cure for all sorts of diseases...this is the first of many awards I am sure.