Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another New House

You are all probably getting tired of hearing about new houses for John and me (I know I am), but here is a post about our latest place. We got the keys to the house this evening so it is official. We are moving about 20 miles off the island to a town called Dickinson so that I can have a better commute to Houston for rotations. It is sad for me to leave the island, but John seems pretty happy about it. (That said if anyone wants to stay one block from the ocean for free you better do it in the next 2 weeks.)

Here is the video I made this evening.

Also here is John in the manly garage- this may be his favorite part of the house.

P.S. John is almost done with his massively ridiculous qualifying exam. He is up to almost 80 pages of text for 7 questions. Again, ridiculous! He is hoping to finish question 7 tonight and then be able to edit it and turn it in early on Friday. It is actually due Monday, but we would like to paint our new house this weekend. He has been working really hard for the last 2 weeks. He only comes home for dinner and goes back to work for several more hours (I don't know when he comes home because I am already in bed.) Anyway, he is getting tired of it and just plain tired so hopefully he will finished tonight.


Marcia said...

What a nice house! It will be wonderful to be in a place with more room. John looks good in the kitchen! Tell John we are praying for him.

The Wertenberger Family said...

Love it! So excited for you both.

Jackie said...

Your new house looks great! Congrats! Glad things are going so well for you guys.

the fredin's said...

Your house looks beautiful! I am at work, so I will have to watch the video later :) Glad John is almost done with that ridiculously long test.

Marcia said...

By the way, I love the narrative on the video!

aunteem said...

Great place! So nice to see you live on the computer tonight!

Love youboth

grandmabutch said...

Grandpa loves your home. He thinks you deserve it and so do I. It will be fun to come and visit. I like the big garage and you will can run that car in and not get all wet in the rain!!
Grandma Butch