Wednesday, May 27, 2009


John and I had several revelations about ourselves during our recent move.

First, my kitchen obsession is out of control. I counted 107 glasses in my cabinets. Just for me and John. Ridiculous. However, that was quickly overshadowed by the fact that I LOVE my new kitchen especially my new fridge with ice maker. Here is the momentous first glass of ice from the ice maker.

Second, we have a tendency to get in over our heads. We started 2 major projects in the midst of moving. We painted 3 rooms and a bathroom in the house. These tasks took WAY longer than we planned. We were up til midnight painting, taping, and touching up for a week. The second task was to renovate the landscaping. Again, a major task. It was really only survived because mom, dad, and Annette know what is going on. Here we are trying to support each other after another long day of painting and dad and John transplanting something.

Third, we are emotionally ready to try to take on some responsibility again. After the dog fiasco, we have shied away from anything that required maintenance. However, we heartily undertook a massive landscaping project with a small vegetable garden without any prior thought as to the commitment. I guess we will see how long these plants last.


After- OK so these pictures don't look that much different, but in person there is a huge difference.

Fourth, John and I have a crazy amount of medical/PA school books which are really heavy to move. It is depressing to think how many dollars and pounds there are, and worse, how soon they will be out of date.

Fifth, sometimes we surprise even ourselves. We moved in on a Friday and hosted a party of 18 people on Sunday. As long as no one opened any doors, everything went off beautifully. Again, as long as mom, dad, and Annette are available to clean and babysit for the kids who come, we can do anything. Plus, we have a great CCCC group. No pictures of that night. We were fortunate to pull it off.


the fredin's said...

Yay for the new refrigerator!! Love the guys sure did get A LOT of stuff done in just a few days. Oh, and 107 glasses...I agree that is a little ridiculous :) haha

Marcia said...

The new place looks great! Don't forget about the banana tree! You all have worked hard, now it's time to relax (when there's time) at your "new" house.

grandmabutch said...

Hi Kids,
I love your new home. We are so happy for you. Keep those pictures and updates coming our way.

Kevin said...

Love the new place. It will be a great new home for group!!